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BOYS #31

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  1. i dropped it after the last arc…hows it been since then?

  2. You didn’t miss much.  the last arc was two issues too long  The end reveal was a bit predictable, but it was executed in a way that was better than I expected. 

    Looking forward to this arc, though     even though no D. Robertson 🙁 

  3. I’ve looked into my crystal ball and I can see how this’ll turn out:

    The antagonists of the story will be sexually depraved in some way,Hughie will save the day because he is a monogamous heterosexual,the end.I find Ennis’ claims that this would "out Preacher Preacher" ironic now because it has fallen into the same eye-rolling inverted black and white morality that Preacher suffered from.

  4. Its chauvinism is delightful though.  It hasn’t out done Preacher by any means, but it’s always fun to read depraved and juvenile humor.

  5. I thought the last issue that set us up for this arc was fantastic. I think the last arc was a bit much but I think it will be considered the calm before the storm. I have high hopes for this issue.


    Preacher had inverted black and white morality? What? Did you not pay attention to Cassidy and how he was basically a huge shade of grey? You could say it about The Boys(although I’d argue against it) but saying Preacher suffered from that is kahrazy talk

  6. @SirCox: maybe I was a little critical,I think I had my grumpy pants on when I wrote a few posts on here yesterday.

    I just mean its like the guys who traditionally are meant to be good (the church in Preacher,superheroes in The Boys) turn out to be corrupt and depraved while the protagonists (who fit into the anti-hero kind of mold ) turn out to be pure of heart despite some excusable dysfunctional behaviour.Inverted morality.

    SPOILER ALERT: For me Cassidy is a case in point.Sure at first we are meant to see him as good,so his blooddrinking falls into the excusable dysfunctional behaviour category(he has to do it to live,right?And only does it to "bad" guys).Then when we are meant to see him as bad he has drugged someone to basically keep them as a sexual partner,we find out he has abused women and the icing on the cake,the final nail in his coffin,it is inferred he blew off a drug dealer for a hit.I guess he turns good again at the end but thats when he vows to try never repeat his mistakes.

  7. @Fugmo

     I see what you are saying but I think all the characters in Preacher were a little bit deeper than that. The Boys, well, yeah that fits the description pretty well although Hughie and Annie seem to be the only decent characters in the series.



    Anyway, this issue was fantastic! I didn’t miss Darick as much as I thought I would and I can’t wait to see where this is going. Total 5 out of 5 here. The Boys is back on its game.

  8. noooooooooo not the female  🙁

  9. I actually went out and bought this because I felt guilty for being a wet blanket on the forums.I’m not going to be all critical of it,I wouldn’t say my teeth were grating the whole time or anything,because they weren’t.I’m not going to claim anything in it suprised me either though.Now I’ve finally got my beef with Ennis’ characterisation out of my system after all these years I can keep my opinion to myself 🙂

  10. I actually enjoyed this issue a bit more than most. I understand the criticisms about the characterization, but that’s been present throughout the book and shouldn’t really be discussed when speaking of this issue (especially considering that this issue didn’t feature much of that).


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