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BOYS #19

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Neb06/04/08NoRead Review
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  1. This is one of the books I’m most stoked about. It’s good to have something outrageous and disgusting and anti-superhero to ballance out all the DC and Marvel books.

  2. I dropped the ball on this series and didn’t pick it up in issues when it first came out even though the dude my LCS told me I would dig it (since we like a lot of the same stuff). Thus I have been reading it in trade. And thanks to my collectors gene I either read a title in trade or issues but never mix the two. So I will be waiting for the 3rd trade (whenever that is). It’s sad and exciting every time a new issue comes out for me.

  3. Yeah! I agree about the balance thing Neal. This book is probably the only one that consistantly makes me laugh. I still giggle when I think about the "facial incident" …

  4. So in The Boys continuity 9/11 worked out different? I’m surprised and disappointed that for all the book does they didn’t have the balls to go all the way and put the skyline on the cover the way the solicit makes it sound.

  5. My POW

  6. Cool issue. It’s nice to be getting some answers finally. I wish they came sooner. No laugh out loud moments for me this issue, but the scenes with Butcher were great … even though he didn’t say one word.

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