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  1. Wow. I just checked to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, but sure enough the HC version of this came out a in May of 2008. A year between HC and TP versions?

    I know its the cool thing to do now to bag on the DC trade program (I know I’ve done it myself fairly recently) but its things like this that just seem to remind me on a weekly basis how far their heads are up their asses when it comes to these things

    Really though I think it would be fine if there were some uniformity to the whole thing. If everyone KNEW that the TP cam a year after the HC that would be fine, but it seems like its a guessing game whenever Previews comes out to see what will and wont be collected.

  2. Yeah, after I finished reading Vol. 4 of the 52 trades I was really excited to follow this in trades… now, not so much. 

  3. Scheduling bitchiness aside you should read this  in one form or another. Some of Johns best stuff IMO. But don’t continue after he leaves. Jurgens may have created the character but that doesn’t mean he’s good at writing him.

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