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He’s managed to avoid paying the price for a loooooong time… but now a newly responsible Booster Gold is ready to step up and serve the time for a crime he committed in his misspent youth! A crime that pretty much created Booster to begin with!


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  1. Well… I still haven’t read the last issue. But I’m still planning to buy this out of fear of Cancellation. After the massive cull that DC just did I’m pretty sure this is near the bottom of the list.

  2. This book will be around for a long time (I hope).
    It is part of FLASHPOINT, has had tie-ins to Generation Lost and Booster was part of the search for Batman.  Add to that Johns wrote part of the current volume and Jurgens is coming back, This book will be around for a long time (I hope).

  3. @Minion  The last issue was… ok.  Not great, not terrible.  Part of the problem is that this book is in a bit of a holding pattern until #44.  The issues don’t feel like they are building momentum.  Booster just goes from one bad situation to the next without much consequence.  

    That said, I am kind of interested in this <minor spolier> Booster in jail storyline.  It seems like it could be intersting.  I want to know how he gets out.  So, I am definitely going to pick up this issue.

  4. waiting for Jurgens.

  5. can’t wait for Jurgens’ return

  6. I loved these guys back in the day but their run so far has been “meh”.  The tie-in to Flashpoint looks cool, though, so I don’t know if I should drop this or not.

  7. Love Booster and I hope it is around for a long time!! Thats it!!

  8. I’m definitely ready for Jurgens’ return.  Im hoping Michelle and Rani continue to stick around but all around I’m just ready for the tone of the series to change back more along the lines it was under Jurgen’s run.   I’m not concerned yet with this series getting cancelled, Im more worried about Zatanna’s title being cancelled then Booster.

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