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A new threat from another time attacks Booster again – for the first time! Unfortunately, this threat catches Booster in Rip Hunter’s lab, and the bunker takes enough of a beating to put everybody out of time-traveling commission for a long while!


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  1. I don’t even remember if I read the last issue. At this point I’m just trying to make sure it stays alive for a new writer to come on rather than being canceled outright.

  2. @Minion  Dan Jurgens has been announced as the “new” writer.  He starts with issue #44.  His run has been promoted as a lead-in/tie-in with Flashpoint, which should pull in new readers.

  3. @ctrosejr Hopefully it will be better than Vanishing Point. I really liked his stuff before that.

  4. @Minion  have faith, TimeMasters was a problem for whatever reason, the arc ended after the sory was over so yea lame.  Jurgens will be back strong.

  5. Nostalgia for the old Giffen/DeMatteis JL days keeps me coming back for more. Once they’re gone, I’m gone and I’ll just wallow in Doom Patrol for my Giffen fix, I guess.

  6. @ctrosejr  thank goodness for Jurgens coming back.

  7. @clay- Doom Patrol is getting cancelled in may, sorry.

  8. I’ve loved every moment with Giffen and JM, but I also love the JLI more than anything else comic-related. I’ve been reading this title since Jurgens was on it after Johns, so the change in direction won’t bother me at all. 

  9. Yep, this needs a dose of Jurgens back on it, but I’d really like to see other writers get their hands on this title…hopefully after Jurgens’ run we can see some other talent on Booster Gold.   Jurgens and Giffen are not necessarily the only writers who can do BG.

  10. Well,
        I have followed Booster Gold since his beginings; and right now it is getting very boring. At first this whole time thing was ok; now it just needs to end please!! I would love to write for Booster it would be fun. He was great on Justice League Unlimited and in the DC Universe online. Jurgens and Giffen really had something special in my opinion and there are other writers and artisits for sure that could be fun for this. I just want this title to continue for a long time!! On another note; BRING BACK HIS TED KORD!! This new blue beetle is boring, to kidish and a waste of time. Blue and Gold forever!!

  11. @Skyfire124  I really want to see Judd Winick write Booster Gold after Generation Lost is over.

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