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Forced to face the reality that his best friend Ted Kord is never coming back from the dead, Booster Gold withdraws from reality by running home to his original time and place. Unfortunately, once home, he’s arrested for the theft of the Time Sphere that allowed him to become Booster Gold in the first place!


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  1. I hate to say it but… THIS AGAIN? That was thee entire point of the second arc.

  2. When is Jurgens going to get back on this book?

  3. @Minion: Is it the part about him returning to his home time that happened already?  Or, is it the part about facing the fact that Ted Kord is never coming back?  I jumped on when Giffen and Demattis came on the book.  

  4. yeah jurgens already did this issue… i hate to say it but this book isnt very good right now. but ill support my favorite character until the bitter end

  5. @ctroseir A little of both but the second arc is all about accepting that the Blue Beetle was always destined to die. Beetle even chose to go back and die to fix the timestream.

  6. @skeets: I think the issues are hit or miss lately.  The first issue of the Giffen run was bad.  The next two I thought were really good.  (I mean, Blue Chipmunk?!?  That’s awesome.)  The last issue was — meh.  

  7. This issue felt like the turning point where we can finally see Booster move on from the endless Blue Beetle retrospectives. I’m seriously hoping so, cause if I have to see another issue of Booster reliving his glory days, or pining over Ted, I’m dropping the book. I want to see more of the Booster we’re seeing in Generations Lost….or barring that, Time Masters.   Booster’s own self-titled series should NOT be his weakest title.

  8. @Skyfire124  agreed!

  9. While unneeded this was quite a good issue. The thing with Booster Gold is that its a book I feel alright giving to my little Niece. While I wouldn’t give Generation Lost to her.

  10. @minion, really? wasnt last issue all about an alien trying to bang booster?

  11. @skeets  that was actually 2 issues ago. last issue was Rani going back in time to tell on Max Lord to his mom. But yeah, I get your point. Depends on how old the niece is.

  12. @Skeets @Boomergirl Yeah, That’s why you read them before you give them to them. However, it was never really explicit. I know as a kid I just glossed over that kind of stuff. I mean look at the stuff we saw as kids. Animaniacs has a lot of dirty stuff and I didn’t notice as a kid.

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