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Just when things couldn’t get any worse for our golden hero, fan-favorite JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL writers Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis take over the ongoing writing chores of BOOSTER GOLD starting here! When someone from Booster’s past resurfaces, Booster’s life is turned upside down and inside out, and only a trip through the timestream can possibly set things straight.

And don’t miss Booster starring alongside his ex-JLI buddies in this month’s JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #1 from writers Keith Giffen and Judd Winick!


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  1. Every person on Earth should own this book!

  2. I’m going to hop on this book. I started reading back when Johns was writing it, but I dropped it since I didn’t read 52 at that point (or any DC book, for that matter) and didn’t really have a frame of reference. Now I’m trying to play catch-up with this series, though I’ll pick up the new issues as well, since the new creators are coming abord and it looks like a new story is starting.

  3. I haven’t read 52 yet either, but I jumped on with the first 6 issues by Johns and that was fantastic.  I recommend the "52 Pick-Up" trade to any DC Comics fan, especially issue/chapter #4.  This series continues to be enjoyable and things are looking up.  Do you think I’ll be missing anything by not reading Justice League: Generation Lost?

  4. Yeah, entertainment!

  5. Jumping on here.  It sounded like a good idea when I made my pre-orders, but now I’m a little reluctant.

  6. One of my favorite series. always great, but I want a longer run than 12 issues a creator

  7. This book is dangerously close to my cut list.  I was excited about Jurgens originally, but the book got a little to angsty for me.  Hopefully Giffen can bring back the fun this title had back when it started.  

  8. @skeets – Obviously my man, but more specifically with Booster.  Any word on the two books running parallel storylines?  Because it seems as though Michael Carter is heading back in time to rescue Bruce Wayne at this point.  Generation Lost seems like a completely different reality or something.

  9. @dneufeld I think this runs parellel to Generation lost, because griffen is writing both. I want to see Booster go up against Max  in his own terf

  10. I dropeed this book two issues ago. When I heard that Giffen was going to write Gen lost AND this, I jumped back on. The Bwa-ha-ha has been brought back indeed!

  11. What a complete 180 from last issue and the Jurgens Booster I have grown to love.  I don’t think I really liked this issue actually, might have to drop it.  I’m disappointed.

  12. I agree.

    The first 3/4 of this comic was not the Booster I have enjoyed for the last 31 issues.

    I’m giving it one more issue to change my mind otherwise I’m dropping it.

    I’ve loved this book since the beginning.

  13. This was a slog. Very text heavy with a lot of forced humor competing with the natural arising jokes. I just couldn’t get into it, even with my interest in JL: Generation Lost. 3/5.

  14. Forgot to mention this:

    Sloppy writing.

    Booster leaves the people he is helping and all of them die except for the kid. Moments later he tells the kid he needs to leave her and leaves her so he can fix his suit.

    Stupid and unbelievable.

  15. Anyone else notice that in ONE PANEL, they go from saying Booster arrived on April 8th, to saying it was the 7th?

    Other than that nitpick, this was well, horribly unenjoyable.  Jumped on here and I’m jumping off even faster.

  16. I like Giffen’s writing, but find it nigh unreadable when paired with J.M. Dematteis.  I did enjoy the preview, so I thumbed throught it in the store and…so many words!

    I figured since JLI wasn’t really my thing, and since I wasn’t picking up Generation Lost, it was cool to stop now.

    But boy, were the first twelve issues of this title some seriously good comic booking.

  17. I agree this book was text-heavy, but it wasn’t a slog.  Remember back when comics used to be packed with words and story?  Those were the days.  But I didn’t think this was a slog because it had a nice flow to it.  It is interesting to see how many people are jumping off this title and how many are jumping on.

    Actually, when I was a kid I didn’t want to read X-Men because Claremont had too many words in it.  Then I realized I was being dumb.

  18. I loved every issue of Booster up until this issue.  Right form the cover I didn’t like it.  The Bwahaha seems to be mocking the title to me.  I don’t really know these writers and I’m not sure if its the combination of the two but wow so wordy and they seem to have changed the character drastically from the last issue.  Now I know that new writers will bring there own style to a character but this is too big a change between Johns, Jurgens and Dixon and Remender they kept the tone and the character very close, but this Booster I don’t like way to jokey for me and the whole colnel idiot and bathroom jokes gimme a break.  I just hope they make some changes for next issue to get it a little closer to what it was before. I hope they don’t screw up the Max Lord story line to much either.  Just Really Disappointed.

  19. @BCDX97 I didn’t think it had a good flow (hence the use of the word slog) I was about halfway through and it just felt agonizingly long, with some really bad attempts at humor. As well, I’m fine with wordy books, but so much of this was unnecessary that I more or less just gave up on the book. And this is from someone who loves the old Claremont books.

    As well, I read this from issue 1 till Remender’s issues, and this was just not the Booster I grew to like in Infinite Crisis, 52 and his first two years of issues. 

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