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  1. This issue page is now working…

  2. I love this book.  Its fun while not being completely silly.  They get to play with the DC universe in ways they can’t in other books.  Plus a Zero Hour tie in?!  Brilliant.

  3. I picked this up on a whim and even though I didn’t know anything or anybody, I will probably pick up the next one because I could sort of follow the story as opposed to New Avengers where I was lost.

  4. This is my final issue.  I really, really, really, tried to like it, but……….it just never happened.

  5. The panel of Parallax and Extant standing sppechless in the timestream was alone worth the cover price of this book for me.  I’m amazed each issue with how FUN this book is.

  6. Great read!  I have been reading Booster since the beginning of Johns run and I am loving it!  I like how it relates to Quantum Leap type time travel and how it has forced me to go back and read Zero Hour and the Killing Joke!!

  7. It’s been so long since Zero Hour that I had forgotten about Extant. lol.  The strength of this book may very well depend on how Johns decides to take this arc.

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