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BONDS #3 (OF 3)

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  1. What a delight to at last see and read the final issue of Bonds this week.  I was lucky enough to have the time to re-read issues #1 and #2 before hitting issue #3, and I’ve got to say that Bonds really delivers both in story and art.

    The best part of Bonds is the very adult portrayal of Faith, the main character.  How great is it to get a strong female character who isn’t some two-dimensional stereotype, but instead a believable, confident, and joyful classical musician more typically seen in a quality chick flick than in a comic book.  Her life is turned upside down when her father is killed early in issue #1 and she is forced to embark on a journey from her safe life as a intellectual artist to take vengeance against the corporate conspiracy that took her fathers life as well as massacred thousands of innocents and threating to do far worse.

    A second enjoyable part of the book is the web of relationships that make up Faith’s life…she is an intelligent woman who has the love and backing of a wonderful boyfriend and two loving parents, all of whom play critical roles in the plot.  It’s rare you see a character with that sort of detailed and positive support system.

    The third great part of the book was the mystical elements.  Writing a good magic story is a challenge, and Durwin Talon does a great job creating a logic to the magic that makes it both believable and allows the actions and consequences of its use to not feel contrived.

    Talon’s art is breathtaking at times, his best skill is drawing facial expression using a style with non-exagerated human characters that seem both photo-realistic, yet abstract with straight-forward inking lines that remind me of the best of Greg Land but without the tracing!  Faith has a great joyful smile that is a highlight of the book, I was so happy everytime Faith would smile!

    Assuming this book gets collected in a trade, I highly recommend checking it out.

  2. If you liked books like FELL, I KILL GIANTS, CRIMINAL, etc, i.e. – you like new ideas as told by a rising creator or creative team, this will be worth looking at.

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