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What is Jaime Reyes going to do?

La Dama and the unstoppable, mechanical monster known as Silverback both want the scarab for their own nefarious purposes, and Jaime’s family and friends want to know why he disappeared. Can he keep his secret safe, or will he risk everything to tell his loved ones the truth?

Written by TONY BEDARD
Art by IG GUARA and J.P. MAYER

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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I think this is going to be a fun issue.

  2. A monkey wielding huge Liefeld inspired guns. This is going to be good.

  3. This signifies in one feel swoop everything that went wrong with most of the New 52. The template for this Blue Beetle was laid out so well, in comics, cartoons…Jamie Reyes deserves better than this series. From the first page of the relaunch, I’ve been hoping this series would capture the potential this character could have…Invincible, Miles Morales, Spider-Man, Dixon’s Nightwing…but the whole space opera through-line leaves me as cold as the well-intentioned but cringe inducing dialoge and characterizations. If this issue can’t turn it around, I might have leave it alone for a while until it regains its footing. for now, I’ll just enjoy the Blue Beetle with my son on The Brave and the Bold cartoon.

  4. Should be Monsiur Mallah and the Brain! Oh woe is the Brotherhood of Evil without their french ape and brain in a jar!

    On a side note….has anyone else felt like they read this before?

  5. Just read 1-3 over the weekend and was really impressed with Big Ig Guara. This is my first time reading any Blue Beetle at all and I really liked everything about it.

  6. I am sorry Blue Beetle Jamie you are CANCELLED!!
    Bring back Ted d#mn it!!


  7. I enjoyed this issue, but the ending was a real punch to the gut.

  8. @chadwhitley Man that was just wrong….

    This title is never going to be on the level of Batman or the current run of Wonder Woman…but that being said, this issue just took a giant leap for me, and went from being on the edge, to a four star book. I’m definitely looking forward to it continuiing the momentum!

  9. I felt each issue has improved this was a solid four star issue I still want them to bring in Booster and Ted as advisers and/or Bubby Cops to connect the History of the character. There setup with the scarab having been earth for thousands of years opens up for Ted to have own the scarab at somepoint. I believe there’s a ton of potential with this character.

    I don’t think they jump the shark with the ending of this issue.

    • They’ve toyed in the past with Ted having had a scarab before, I believe, but it was always written in as the scarab wouldn’t work for him (because it was keyed in to Dan Garrett), or Ted didn’t trust what the scarab would do to him, so he refused to use it.

  10. This was a definite improvement for me. For the three past issues, I’ve felt that this book is just rehashing old territory that the original series did. Which is fine, since all of the old series never happened anymore (but if you get the chance, you should still read it). But this was a fun issue, and my only hope is that (spoilers!) Paco remembers that Jaime was in the Blue Beetle suit and it’s not a case of “Man, I had the craziest dream that you were fighting a metal monkey. Weird, right!?” Jaime needs someone to talk to about his adventures. I know the creator said in the 1st issue that he didn’t want to do that, but it’s really needed. Paco and at least Brenda needs to know. Some of the best things from the old series came from his friends, family, Peacemaker, Tracy, and the Posse knowing who he was.

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