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  1. 23 pulls so far? Really? Come on people, this book rocks!


    Why do so few people buy this? 

  2. Best new character DC has come up with in a while.  Started this series at the beginning, stopped it after one issue…and have regretted it ever since.  The whole series has been building to this, but without interrupted the story telling of individual issues.  If you like teen titans, you’ll like this.

  3. This is a really great title and people definitely give it a chance.  It’s really DC’s Peter Parker but not a rip-off in any way.  It’s really interesting and I wish people would check this out.

  4. I really hope this title sticks around much longer. I love Jaime and the rest of the characters in this book. It’s just a really fun read.

  5. I bought the first trade and plan on subscribing if I like it.

  6. Definitely, pick of the week for me!


    … with Criminal v2 1 as a close second. 

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