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  1. Glad to see the return of Bloodshot!

  2. This was good.

  3. Barely 100 pulls between both covers? Lame. This was far better than I expected.

  4. This was a great first issue, the final panel was a-mazing.

  5. Loved it.

  6. Best book of the relaunch so far for me… and I’ve liked them all.

  7. I loved this issue and am very excited for the return of all the new Valiant books. The last panel was indeed a very cool one but, I am disappointed that the Valiant books have not even been mentioned in any of the Pick of the Week podcasts. The only time that anything Valiant has been up was the week that X-O #1 came out and the only reason that it was even a topic was do to Valiant sponsoring the podcast that week. Valiant is putting out quality books up there with anything else being published right now and I have my store that I go to pulling all Valiant books for me. Come on Ron, Connor and Josh, give Valiant a chance.

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