Following closely the events of BLACKEST NIGHT, Diana faces her greatest challenge. Death has always walked with her, but who will guide her into the light – her mother, her sister or her lover? Don’t miss this mind-blowing tie-in as Wonder Woman’s life changes forever!

Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Nicola Scott
Cover by Greg Horn
Variant cover by Ryan Sook

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Haven’t been a fan of any of these Blackest Night tie ins so far. Was expecting a better outing from Rucka.

  2. I think this is the best of the second set of minis, but not better than any of the first set… except maybe Superman.  Batman gets a bad rap because the last issue’s suckiness made people forget how great the first two were.  JSA’s the only one that was bad enough for me to drop so far.  

    But back to this…  I think the uncensored cover is a spoiler for Blackest Night 6, so just be warned of that.  I don’t really remember much of the first issue, other than the fact that I was surprised at how much I liked it (POTW I believe) especially considering that it’s Wonder Woman and Rucka (neither of which I’ve ever really liked.)

  3. Unless I’m missing another spoiler, wasn’t it revealed that Wonder Woman was a BL in BN #5?

  4. Actually now that I think about it, she probably is a Black Lantern.  I don’t want to say much more until Wednesday.

  5. that, my friends, is a hideous cover

    That cover is like the prefect representation of a cat fight

    and we all know there’s a chance the girls might kiss in a cat fight

  6. Last issue was great. Very pumped for this book.

  7. I hope this issue is as strong as the last one. 

    @edward – I agree.  That cover is puketastic.

  8. Not a WW fan and I did not care for the first issue, but I’ll give this one another chance based on the general greatness of Rucka.

  9. Everyone should read this after Blackest Night #6.  That potential spoiler I was talking about isn’t on the cover, but it is in the book. 

  10. This issue was so confusing. I should have read BN #6 first, but it still wouldn’t have made much sense. This book contradicts the events of BN #6 in regards to what happens to WW. 


    Bruce???  Was he really that serious a love interest for her?  Her #1? 

    @supertrackmonkey – I think this should be taken as a bit of behind the scenes of the main book.  I think it fits if you let it.

  12. Yeah, I had the same problem as supertrack at first, but I flipped through BN 6 again and it kind of fits.  It’s not easy but outside of one glaring exception it can be put together.

    Ignoring that, I really enjoyed the issue.  I thought it took 2 panels from BN and gave us a really in depth look at what was happening while Ganthet was doing his speech in BN.  Cool concept, good story.  Not

  13. @stuclach: They’ve danced around the Bruce/Diana thing a bit over the years. She hasn’t really had a love interest of note that has made a lot of sense in the modern age. They could have swapped Bruce with Arthur and it might have made a bit more sense. Or it could be DC bringing in more plot elements from outside media like they are doing with SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGINS.

  14. This issue was a big disappoint for me. Especially compared to last issue. It felt very filler-ish. Scott’s art didn’t seem as tight as last issue (Perhaps the coloring?) and there was no clear distinction between the dream sequence and reality which made me arch a brow. It felt too rushed. Still interested for next issue.

    @conor Well… Rucka did write that OGN with Bruce and Diana that dealt with their relationship. In interviews he’s said it was the only logical love interest for her. 

  15. @PraxJarvin: Right. Hence, the dancing around it for years.

  16. I really enjoyed this issue. I think that maybe because the fight scenes were a little vicious (Just a tad)

  17. Loved this issue. I had to make it my POW since technically Blackest Night 6 came out last week.

  18. Spoiler for BN6-

    Oh, by the way, in case it wasn’t obvious, that potential spoiler I alluded to possibly being on the cover was Star Sapphire Diana


    Glad to see I’m not the only one anal enough to take BN out of the running for that reason.  Makes me feel better. 

  19. @conor My point was that it makes sense Rucka would reference the relationship he created. 

  20. @conor & @Prax – Thanks for the info.  I didn’t really have a problem with Bruce, but didn’t know her history well enough to know if he should be the one to show up as her true love.  Thanks for filling me in.

  21. Wow, just when you think death can mean even less in the DCU, now a character stays "dead" for about 4 pages. The "whole thing was a dream!" thing, is more suited to a bad 80’s sitcom than to one of the best writers in comics.

    Very disappointing series, so far. Probably the worst thing I’ve ever read from Greg Rucka.

  22. Am I the only one who was disappointed by the fact that WW didn’t really off Cassie?  I think I actually cheered when it happened.  The funny thing is that I never really realized that I disliked her so much.

  23. Ok. Surprise surprise. I gave this one a 5. The writing was not at all wrong or out of character or context. It was excellently timed and the art was ok. The writing supported the art so well that it elevated the score. That’s how much I value writing/substance over art/style. Again this is preference and not some sort of sick mandate of hyberbole.

  24. Not a terrible issue, but a bit of a disappointment. Something was just missing here, didn’t really feel like Rucka. Still, pretty decent. 3/5.

  25. I feel like I don’t know enough about Wonder Woman to comment on the characterization.  but Nicola Scott’s art was amazing.

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