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  1. "The Passion of the Blackest Night"

  2. The only reason I am buying this is because I hope they elaborate on why Dove cannot be resurrected.  I sincerely hope they provide some additional details.  I like the fact that the fact that "Dove is a Peace" is enough to repel the Black Lantern rings. 

  3. This was oddly enjoyable last time out. So we’ll look at it here. A Black Lantern baby is pretty creepy, though.

  4. Call me crazy, but so far I’ve liked this more than BN: Superman…

  5. @Slockhart- If you’re crazy, I am too. (even if you arn’t I probably am).

    What a dope cover lol. I think we need more killer zombie babies in comics.

  6. I always liked the era where Donna was married to Terry and had a kid. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  7. I’ve actually enjoyed this more than BN: SUPERMAN as well.

  8. Let’s see: BN: Superman wants Ma Kent to be intimidating and BN: Titans wants a semi-mobile infant to be intimidating.  Unless they do something very interesting with those plot points I may consider them both failures.

  9. That cover is just plain wrong.

  10. I suppose that you think that the baby in Trainspotting was wrong too?  Softy. (sarcasm)

  11. Poor, poor, Donna Troy. Hope the new Hawk makes it out of this somehow…

  12. LOL@stuclach- Totally agree on the Ma Kent point, but c’mon, if a zombie baby was crawling after you, that wouldn’t be creepy as hell? Sure, you could just walk away, but still …

  13. @WadeWilson – Brian Keene wrote a series of Zombie novels and the first one featured a zombie baby crawling out of its mother’s womb to attack its father.  As soon as I read that I put the book down and decided that it couldn’t get any more ridiculous.  Unfortunately, the book also features zombie squirrels and deer (and many other, slightly more intimidating, zombie animals.)  Yes, they are creepy, but you could simply step on their heads.  Game over. 

  14. A decent read, thought one wonders why Donna’s baby bit her when no other BL has shown this inclination to eat anything but the heart? Still, a decent read. I gave it a 4/5. Still, there are some random flaws with the issue. Apparently the multi-spectrum is easily distributed in quarters across Gar’s head. There’s also a scene with Dove’s butt and arched back that just can’t anatomically correct… ever. And there’s a page where the emotional spectrum or the captions around them are wrong with Bart, Donna and Cassie.

  15. I’m genuinely enjoying the Hawk and Hawk and Dove and Dove story.  It is the most interesting part of this mini (in my opinion). 

    A black lantern rattle? Really?

    @PraxJarvin – I’m guessing the "baby" bit her because he has no other means of attack?  
    My wife does that with her back regularly. It’s in the Kama Sutra in the "Why are you still reading this, freak?" section.

  16. Zombie babies are scary. I liked the line about how it should always have been Hawk and Hawk.

  17. I’m really liking this JT Krul guy…

    Did anyone else notice the coloring mistake where it said "Will" but showed Donna colored purple?  Of all the colors to mess up…

  18. @Slockheart
    Prax just said that.

    Eh, the art reeks just a bit too much of cheesecake for my liking.
    This is super-nit-picky, but how does a large, zombified man’s hand, such as Hawk I, make such a small and precise hole through a presumabley smaller woman’s breast to take out her heart? My first thought was, "That boob’d be destroyed.", but we can’t have that because obviously, this guy loves to draw boobs. And ’cause it’d be really fucked up looking, which is why Hawk I should’ve done the ‘incision’ between Hawk II’s boobies, for the sake of artistic realism.
    Also, how does a baby have such perfect teeth? 

    I’m not liking the idea of Donna getting bit and possibly (it could be something else that happens to her) getting Black Lantern-ized. Then there’s no difference between the BLs and your regular, run o’ the mill zombies that bite you and you turn. 

  19. Thought this was pretty decent, not great, but not bad. Black Lantern babies are terrifying. Love Dove. 3/5.

  20. The Hawk Dove scenes are the best part of this book. It makes me sad I have never seen them very much since they first appeared.

  21. The heart is in the center of the chest. I know, I know. For the Pledge of allegiance and National anthem we put our hands over the left side of our chests, but that is just the location of the left ventricle, which is the loudest part of the heart.  I see one more heart torn out of the left side of the chest am I take away your artist anatomy card. Hmmm, looking at your bizarre female ass I can only assume you didn’t have one to begin with.

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