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  1. I wonder if this’ll fall flat just like batman’s blackest night. B.N. Superman is my favorite blackest night stuff

  2. If Ma Kent ends up playing a prominent role in the heroes "victory" I will be never forgive myself for buying this issue.  After seeing the last panel of #2 I told myself not to buy #3, but it is a light week.  I hope my instincts are wrong.

  3. My least favorite of all the BN tie-ins, including that random issue of Titans, but it’s still one of the better books I’m pulling

  4. @mansuper-Agreed.  Hope it delivers and ends well

    @stuclach-Ma is going to bust in with a flame thrower and kick ass.  Just you wait.

  5. @drakedangerz – I will burn the issue with a flamethrower if that happens.

  6. @stuclach-Can you youtube that for us?

    But seriously, to me all the event tie-ins for the past years have followed the same pattern.  If it starts good, it ends flat and if it starts poorly, I like the ending.  I cannot explain it, but that has just been my taste.  I should probably get out of the tie-ins all together.

  7. I… I liked the last issue of BN: Batman? ANd so far I’ve enjoyed BN Superman. However, I want Kal-L to kick Kal-El’s butt and rip his heart out. 😉

  8. @Prax  Remember the days when that could have happened? When a character could have died in an issue out of nowhere without weeks of internet rumors and hype. man i miss that

  9. @Prax

    That would be awesome just for the next issue of WoNK.  "Where’d Commander El go?"  "Oh, he’s a zombie now" Then 21 pages of people sitting around.  Instant POTW.

  10. This is hands down the best BN tie-ins. I am loving it sooo much!

  11. @AmirCat: Agreed.

  12. @stuclach: Thank you good sir for making my day.  You might break the internet if you post that video.  I can see a very Comedian like moment from you.
  13. @MisterJ – Will do. 

    @ato220 – I will be chomping a cigar and laughing while impregnating a Vietnamese woman I have no intention of marrying.

    @Prax – I also enjoyed the last issue of BN: Batman (for the most part), so you aren’t alone. 

  14. @roivampire I thought the deaths in Blackest Night proper have been pretty well concealed, actually. 

    @stuclach Yeah, god to know. 

  15. @Prax-Yes, god knows all. 😉  

    But seriously, I enjoyed almost all of BN: Bats, just not the way it ended. 

  16. I enjoyed the ending to BN: Batman and look forward to the end of this. Both tie-in minis have been rock solid.

  17. Agreed, this is the weakest of the BN books out there, but I wouldn’t say it’s all bad. First issue — good, second issue — bad. (why am I typing like I’m the Hulk?), so we have a 50/50 shot this will be good.

  18. This is my favorite Blackest Night Tie In so far. Batman started off so hot and ended too cold. Fingers crossed that this does not disappoint.

  19. WadeWilson SMASH?!?

  20. @roivampire

    No, I do not remember a time where Superman could have died in an issue "out of nowhere", the last time he died certainly didn’t shy away from build up.

  21. @MastaP  Yeah but there weren’t internet rumors and solicitations in advance for every comic book kid to see. I was in grade school and it just happened. One week he was alive and kicking and the next week it was all anyone could talk about in the hallways. "Superman died yesterday." "Not Clark, no way man." "Yeah, he’s dead."

  22. I loved this issue. I wish Geoff Johns would write a monthly book on Krypto! Because of Johns, Krypto has become one of my favorite characters in both the DCU and comics.

  23. @RoiVampire:

    The "Death of Superman" was hyped up for months before it actually happened. 

  24. I liked it, but the Kent Farm must be alot closer to downtown Smallville than I thought it was.  Either that or Ma Kent is in REALLY good shape.

  25. @supertrackermonkey   again, and for the last time, i don’t remember any of that because i didn’t follow comic news in any form. all i had was what the old man in the shop told me and that was it. i didn’t even read Wizard when superman died


    Two things I liked: I thought the bit with Krypto sleeping on Pa Kent’s old shirt was a nice touch. I also found the effect of Psycho Pirate’s mask interesting (some sort of emotional feedback?).

    The rest of the issue just felt mediocre. 

  27. I thought it was entirely enjoyable. 4/5

  28. Great series. Loved every minute of it!!!

  29. Meh, worse ending than the Batman one.  And I felt that was a cheap way to write off the involvement of New Krypton in Blackest Night.  Still, it had its moments.  And Barrows art was nice.

  30. I’m curious what people thought was going to happen at the end of these tie-ins. I went in with lowered expectations and came out liking this. I didn’t love it as much as Batman, but I thought it ended well. Apparently, Kal-L can easily take out Kal-El. Because Kal gets his bacon saved three times by Conner throughout this book. 😉 3/5 for me.

    @stuclach The Medusa Mask is a emotional device. I imagine it’s not that hard to imagine it’s tied into the Emotional Spectrum, and therefore it can combine several emotions together and destroy the black ring. Only it’s not meant for that and so it breaks. I thought it was quite a nice way to have them beat the BLs without even really knowing how. 

  31. @drakedangerz

    I’m not even sure why New Krypton was involved in the first place.  In Blackest Night, they flat out said that only Earth and the seven corps’s homeworlds were being affected.

    This issue was okay… there was a lot to nitpick.  I never knew there were gigantic canyons in Kansas, I thought Firestorm randomly showed up at the end of the New Krypton scene until I reread those pages once or twice.  My biggest problem is that Psycho Pirate’s still standing in the street and Lois is just chilling at the bottom of a canyon, I guess.

  32. @PraxJarvin – I felt the Mask was the most interesting part of the tie-in.  I liked how it was used and how it reacted to being used.  It was cool enough that I would have liked to have seen it used in the main book.

    I don’t know that I expected much from the books.  They weren’t necessarily bad, but they also didn’t add much to my overall BN experience.  I also gave this a 3/5. 

  33. I liked parts of this, especially the Krypto stuff, but a lot of the dialogue especially between Supes and T-shirt Supes was borderline bad.

  34. Just the same as last issue — zero story. Nothing but cutting between three fight scenes for 22 pages & *GASP* all the good guys won.

    But at least there was another awesome page that made me laugh out loud (that wasn’t meant to) —  "TOUCHDOWN!" LOL so random.

  35. @WadeWislon Actually, only Krypto, Ma Kent and Conner beat their opponents handily. Kal-El apparently is a storm of emotions with the potency of an infant.

  36. Not really interested in BN Superman.  Not when Batman BN has been so good. 

  37. @Slockhart
    New Krypton is really just an extension of Earth.

    I didn’t much care for this issue, or this mini series after the 1st issue (Stephen Colbert the barber still gives me the creeps in #2), but I couldn’t help but like the obligatory, "I never give up!" out of Supes. And stare blankly at Con-El’s, "Touchdown!"

  38. I was good with this issue until the last page, what happened to Clark’s right eye?  Times like this wish I could give half stars. Not good enough for 4 and better than a 3. 

  39. hated all 3 BNS books.

     awful, awful business.

     i did love the art, pencils and inks, which should have been enough to satisfy me but the cheese-o-rama and cliche themes made me angry.

     waste of time. if you can.. don’t buy it. i wish i could, but unfortunately i already have. sucks.

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