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  1. I’m kinda hard pressed to stick around with this series, as well as most of the other Blackest Night tie ins, since as stated by the Indigo Lanterns, unless you weild a ring with an emotional spectrum light, you aint doing shit against the Black Lanterns

  2. @comicBOOKchris

    Aw, hadn’t though of that :[

    But still… shit’s going down in these books.  Hell, they’ve even killed a character off in one of the tie ins.

  3. @comicBOOKchris: Did you expect the Black Lanterns to get defeated in the tie-ins books that are going to end before the main series is even half over? Tie-in books are all about character.

  4. Here’s hoping Kal-El gets his heart ripped out and Kon-El and Krypto save the day.

  5. I hope they don’t bring back Pa Kent as a Black Lantern, for the simple fact that I don’t want to see that sweet old man as a savage killer zombie.  🙁

  6. Shouldn’t Psycho Pirate have more of a beef with Black Adam, seeing as how that’s who … I don’t think there’s a word (a la ‘decapitated’) that describes the horrific way Psycho Pirate met his demist.

  7. @captbastrd: Black Adam is, at this moment, "dead". He’s been transformed into a statue, I think.

  8. I’m reading all the Superman Family books, and this being Robinson, I’m curious how it is all going to tie in.  I’m not really touching Blackest Night stuff, but I really liked #1.    Everytime I see the Black Lantern ring logo, I think,  "Oops, you left your high beams on."

  9. Psycho Pirate feels like a perfect Black Lantern.  His abilities with emotion could be put to excellent use in this story.

  10. I’ve always simultaneously loved and hated Psycho Pirate’s costume

  11. @drake Psycho Pirate is one of my favorite DC villains. Especially in Animal Man.

  12. With the addition of Pyscho Pirate I’ll be interested to see how Robinson is able to wrap this up in just 3 issues.

  13. Psycho Pirate.  Wow DC.  You never cease to amaze me with the wonderful names.

  14. @vadaowens: It’s no better or worse than most comic book names. They are almost all silly if you strip away the emotional connotations.

  15. First, it’s vadaMowens.  Second, I think I’m old enough and smart enough to figure that out.  I was joking.

  16. @vadamowens – (Not to put words in Conor’s mouth, but) I don’t think he meant to imply you didn’t know that.  I think he was just providing his opinion on the name.  Personally, I don’t understand where the "pirate" portion of the name comes from.  Is it because he is taking your emotions?  That isn’t how I interpret his powers.  He actually gives you the emotions.  I would call him the Manipulative Maniac.

  17. Perhaps the Influential Individual (that may be the single vaguest superhero/villain name ever conceived).

  18. @conor – I know the all the Black Lanterns arent going to be defeated in a measly tie-in book, Im just questioning the way theyre going to wrap up this mini series when pretty much the only way to harm these guys is with a combo of emotional light.

    Though I suppose that most tie-ins dont really have conclusions, and Im spinning my wheels over nothing. They’re kind of like that that Green Lantern issue that had an extended version of the Martian Manhunter fight…it didnt conlude itself in the tie in, but it was a good extra. Alright…Im back on getting these tie ins

  19. @stuclach-Arrrr, give me your emotions you scurvy dogs! 

  20. Psycho Psychic might be a better fit. OOO or Pychadelic Pyscho Pyschic.

  21. @drakedangerz – The pirate moniker actually fits in his Black Lantern role.  He is actually absorbing emotions.

    What is a pirate’s favorite letter? 

  22. arrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  23. If I’m not mistaken part of his powers is that he gets stronger the more he plays with someone’s emotions.

  24. @comicBOOKchris They don’t specifically say you need two lanterns of different corps to defeat black lanterns, just that you need strong light that somehow connects to the white light. Hal even mentions other non-lantern characters who could help. I’m wondering if they’re gonna somehow tie in Superman’s heat vision.

  25. Psycho Pirate is the best Black Lantern ever.

  26. @Prax – Ah, so he actually does have a bit of a pirate thing going on.  I did not know that.  Thank you.

  27. @conor
    Oh, that’s right. Then Psycho Pirate should go to the statue and deface it; vengeance-peeing!!!

    I’m one page into this and I had to comment: I hate this art. The barber, who ought to look like the gruff, old Italian guys in the barber shop up the street from me who give me dirty looks (I look like a hippie), instead looks like a seriously derranged Stephen Colbert.

  28. Awesome!  Agree with Akamuu about the ending, though

  29. You know it was killing me trying to remember what this emotion spectrum reminds me of. It hit me this morning. For those who recall the series finale of "Avatar: the Last Airbender" (the animated hit series on nickelodeon) would know of the deus ex machina that was energy bending. It’s such a relief to get that off my chest since I knew this color-spectrum wasn’t original but couldn’t prove it.

    Step 1:
    Step 2:

    The one in Red is the antagonist
    The one in Blue is the protagonist

    That show was so badass.

  30. I think the Psycho Pirate might be the ultimate Black Lantern.  It seems strange that Johns didn’t jump on him for the main book.  He is a perfect fit and was so pivotal in the first two crises. 

    @captbastrd – I agree about the art.  I didn’t work for me.

    @magnum240 – That ending is so odd.  I guess it is just as unbelievable as everything else in the issue, but it stood out as particularly lame (in my opinion). 

  31. I really, really enjoyed this issue. I gave it a 5/5 and I’m not sure why. It might just be for the great portrayal of Psycho Pirate. As well, Kal-L’s declaration of his Earth being better was awesome because it’s the same argument from Infinite Crisis, but with a different context. Kara vs. Zor-El also got some fun, creepy images. I can’t see this all coming together in one more issue. I have to say, I enjoyed this leaps and bounds more than BN: Batman. 

  32. @mangaman The emotional spectrum isn’t really original to GL or Airbender and has a basis in the humours and auras. There are a few other stories and comics that use something similar as well. (There was even a string of Power Ranger eps where they became consumed by an emotion somehow related to their color.)

  33. I really enjoyed this book.  I think it’s going to be my POTW.  Such a great and fun read.  I laughed, I gasped, I probably teared up a bit too.  Agreed that the ending was a bit too much, but the rest of the issue more than made up for it.  5/5


  34. Well, the run of EVERY Blackest Night tie-in issue being good has been broken (for me). This was not a good issue. Basically just cutting between fight scenes for a while issue with shitty dialogue.Even Eddy Barrows usually awesome art wasn’t as good as normal, but still the highlight of the book.

    The last page was pretty hilarious, though (unintentionally).

  35. *whole issue

  36. I’m afraid I have to agree with Wade Wilson on just about every point.  Of all the Blackest Night Tie ins, including that random issue of Titans, this was definitely the weakest.  The over-use of the "seeing emotion" thing was neat in the last one, but this time it got on my nerves.

    And what a horrible, horrible last page… 

  37. @PraxJarvin: pfft. I KNEW someone was going to say something like that, that’s why I had this rebuttle ready: The emotional spectrum VISION is a concept "depicted" in avatar the last airbender first, not the idea of relating emotions to colors, I mean if we’re talking about that then mood rings predate Power Rangers. Capiche’?

  38. @Mangaman As I said, the metaphysical concept of auras is about associating a color with a person’s emotional well being. Trust me Avatar is far from being the patent holder on the concept. 

  39. @Mangaman Associating a visual perception of color, I mean.

  40. I’m really starting to love Eddy Barrows’s work.

  41. hahaha, capiche

  42. @mangaman: So? Are we REALLY gonna split hairs on who ripped off who? Its being utilized in a good way here and Im happy with that.

  43. Besides, in my mind, all current sci-fi was ripped off from either The Twilight Zone, H.G. Welles and Ray Bradbury…and I’m fine with that.

  44. @Wade-What the hell??  How could you not enjoy this!?!?!  It was bad ass, man.  Come on.

  45. This was a decent issue but I can’t take a cliffhanger with Martha being a badass seriously. Thumbs up for Psycho Pirate as a Black Lantern though.

  46. This was awesome people!! Personally I loved the ending. Who doesn’t love Martha Kent kicking ass!

  47. This issue was GREAT! So good. The art was just something else and the story zipped along a great pace and the ending was really fun. Cant wait for the final issue.


  48. @skeets: Agreed, I liked Barrows work as well.

    @boostergold4:  I liked that Martha "ain’t gonna take no shit".

    I still like BN: Batman better but this is a close second.  Psycho Pirate is awesome. ARRRR!!!!! Gimme them there emotions matey.

  49. I would have liked to have seen this series a little bit more focused. With the addition of Pycho Pirate and the battle on New Krypton I feel like the narrative is suffering.

  50. After i read this I honestly had the feeling of complete indifferent to the issue.

     I. Just. Don’t. Care.

  51. @Drake- How could I not enjoy this? Well, apart from the total lack of story, horrible dialogue & average art, I guess it was pretty good 😛

  52. @Wade-Wombat

  53. @Drake- LOL Checkmate. You win.

  54. Psycho Pirate. Some names/characters of yesteryear just don’t hold up. Seriously, say that outloud and keep a straight face. It’s wicked lame. 

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