Prepare for the ultimate behind-the-scenes experience from the event of the century! With the creative minds behind BLACKEST NIGHT as your tour guides, you’ll marvel at hidden Easter eggs and meanings throughout the series in our director’s commentary section. Discover shocking scenes that were left on the cutting room floor including actual script pages that were never drawn. Be astonished at incredible never-before-seen designs from the best-selling event! Plus, many more exclusives that you’ll witness within this mammoth special including an early look into BRIGHTEST DAY!

Cover by IVAN REIS

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  1. Will there be any nudity in this one?

  2. Does a naked Larfleeze count?

  3. Ooooh, I don’t think I can resist!

  4. 80 pages! Nice! That’s like a full graphic novel. I want to see the part where the ending was gonna be Hal waking up and realizing it was all a dream and then he turns around in his bed and there is larfleeze sleeping …

  5. I’m looking forward to the bloopers.

  6. Haven’t decided if want this or not.

  7. I’d love a deleted scene in which Sinestro throws a tantrum after losing the White Light. He seemed to handle it better than I would’ve expected.

  8. I’ll have to remember to flip through this…  I can’t see it being worth it, but it’s one of those things where I don’t want to risk missing out.

  9. I feel the same as you, Slockhart.

  10. I’m just getting it.  It’s a light week for me, and I’m a big enough BN fan for justify buying it.  Either buy it now, or in a back issue bin a year from now for $10.

  11. Opened up to one page and decided to grab this.  Didn’t even need to flip through.  Seems like something that’ll be a nice way to spend a Sunday.

  12. I hope this in the HC. This stuff looks good.

  13. seems like Tales of the Sinestro corps..lots of filler stuff. Its worth a flip through but who knows if its worth the purchase

  14. it’s cheaper than Wizard.

  15. This was fairly interesting if you’re at all interested in what goes into creating an event book. The "Director Commentary" covers all 8 issues in brief (A little less than 1/2 the issue.) and offers comments from Geoff johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado (Inker, and who I learned did many of the character designs!), Alex Sincilar (Colorist), Nick Napolitano (Letterer) and the editors Adam Schlagman and Eddie Berganza. There’s a fair amount of mutual appreciation, but some really interesting "I suggested this" "I drew this and Ivan took it here…" etc.

    You get a cover gallery, the script for #1, some cutscenes, and a big section of Character Designs paired with infoboxes. I found it interesting, if I could have done without the "Secret Files" half. Worth checking out if you liked the event. 

  16. If you like process, this is  worth 5$. It’s got hours worth of entertainment contained within.

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