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  1. Anyone know anything about this creative team?

  2. Yes to anything Paul Cornell.

  3. Paul Cornell? I’m in.

  4. Paul Cornell wrote the much beloved Captain Britain and MI:13, Issue #6 of Young Avengers Spotlight, The Wisdom minii that turned into Capt. Britain and most recently he wrote the Dark Reign Young Avengers. He’s a published novelist and wrote three episodes of the current run of Doctor Who. Tom Raney did the art on Annihilation Conquest, Uncanny X-Men (w/Joe Casey), Ultimate X-Men and the Dark Reign: Hawkeye series.

    I’m going to check this out. Should be a good time. 

  5. I thnk I am maturing as a comic reader. I usually stick with a character through bad writing. Now I am definately going to pick up a book I care little about the premis of because I absolutely love paul cornell’s work! Im following the writer instead! You see!? Im growing as a person!!! IM GROWING AS A PERSON!!! DAMN YOU MOTHER!!! GROWN UPS CAN READ COMICS TOO!!!… Yeah… Anyway, Paul Cornell Yay!

  6. Didn’t he write that Fantastic Four: True Story mini that came out a little while ago too?  It was pretty good if he did.

  7. @cubman987: Yes, he did.

  8. I don’t get that cover though. What kind of pose is that? Is she drunk? Wait, she’s Russian. Of course she’s drunk!

  9. I don’t like Tom Raney. John Paul Leon should have drawn the whole issue.

  10. oh you guys changed the cover on me. Looks better, but damn Black Widow, eat a sammich or something!

  11. Ehh…wasn’t a big fan of this. 2/5. Dropped.

  12. Liked this quite a lot. Good start up, and hopefully a rule of thumb for Black Widdow’s origins. A good spy book start.

  13. Good start to the Mini. I’m gonna stick around for issue 2. I would like to know more about the Black Widow origin.

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