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Your name is Nick Crane. You’re a young journalist whose senator father was seduced and murdered by a sexy Soviet agent who calls herself “Black Widow.” Now she’s abducted you and handcuffed you to a bed in a swank hotel penthouse. Now she’s leaning over your prone body, whispering softly in your ear: I’m here to save you. Every cell in your body wants to kill her… but at the same time, part of you wants to kiss her. Very, very badly. Fortunately, that’s a decision you won’t have to make right now. Not with a pair of violent super-powered assassins smashing through the hotel windows…

Duane Swierczynski and Manuel Garcia’s new era for the super-spy Avenger known as Black Widow continues here!


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  1. First issue in the arc was a great action movie intro. I’m on board for the ride.

  2. Agreed. Not crazy about Garcia’s artwork, but it worked well enough with the story. I do like the emphasis on action over the weird storyline of the first arc.

  3. ALso not crazy about garcia’s work, but I trust swierczynski. However, still disappointed that liu did not carry this on with acuna. Those first 5 issues were my favourite story arc of the year so far. I hope the new team can keep the book afloat.

  4. Didn’t like Liu’s approach to the character, but only read a third of the first issue, obviously didn’t make a good first impression on me, but was determined to jump on here, am a suker for redhead Russkie spies in full body black tights, and always like a good espionage tale, but seemed like some of the premises to this were a little far-fetched to me, like why would a journalist protect a source when he knows the source is a source of lies or deception?  Guess he isn’t convinced so much yet, but I am gripped for the next issue, love me some Crimson Dynamo action, and who’s this Fantasma character?  Not to be too critical or anything, and I know BW is a super-spy and all, but does she really have the agility to dodge bullets?  That’s metahuman level ability there, above just supersoldier level to me, but even Steve Rogers has been doing that lately, guess the Shield was just a little more than a superfluous offensive weapon.

  5. You should check out the trade for the first 5 issues, it was a really good spy story with some top acting from acuna.

     It made me think of the bourne films in the way that there was not much dialogue and natasha was catching trains and traveling to places, the reasons for which were not apparent immediately.


  6. Interesting how you call an artist’s work "acting," and when you think about it, that’s what it is in a way, in terms of choreography, facial expressions, and the conveying of drama, that’s a neat perspective on it, haven’t heard it called that before.

  7. This was great.  Black Widow is one fantastic book…thats seven straight issues of goodness now.

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