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  1. Haven’t caught up on issue #5 yet, need to do that before Wednesday. Still, I’m excited for this book. Bring on more Black Lightning in the DCU!

  2. I’m going to order the trade of this.  I’ve heard too much good stuff about it.

  3. This will be a great trade, definitely.

  4. Good book, it’s been POTW and runner-up a few times, and I generally love everything that Van Meter does. This was a very satisfying ending to what has been a very satisfying run.

    I think it’ll definitely read well in trade.

  5. I really enjoyed this issue, but it felt a bit muddled at times, which is sad, considering how great the past 5 issues were. I was glad that Big Blue didn’t show up in the final issue. Enjoyable romp, over all.

    I definitely suggest people pick up this title. 

  6. maybe i’m in the minority, but i thought this was an average (3-star) miniseries. the art was nice and the characters ok, but the bizarre, supernatural turn the story took halfway took me by surprise and made me less interested.

  7. This was solid stuff through and through, and any Black Lightning is a good thing.  Main selling point though?  Cully Hamner on every single individual issue!!! 

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