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The game-changing “Death of Oracle” storyline continues! Black Canary finally confronts her inner demons as the Calculator’s army and creepy new villainess Mortis take their ultimate revenge on Oracle. This massive story reverberates throughout Gotham City – and beyond

Written by GAIL SIMONE

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  1. Haven’t been feeling this volume. I’ll wait until Jesus Saiz comes aboard to see if the storytelling picks up.

  2. @kcekada  The rotating artists haven’t helped the book. I am intrigued by the art from Inaki Miranda but am not sure that I will be able to hang around until Saiz starts his run.

    I also feel that the reliance on characters that I didn’t like from Gail’s first run on the book (Savant, Creote, Calculator, Lady Blackhawk) has hindered my enjoyment.

  3. @torippu — While I’ve enjoyed Lady Blackhawk’s character a great deal, I’m with you on the rest.  Savant and Creote don’t particularly interest me, and I think Calculator has been getting overused in the Bat-verse.  Ideally I’d like to see him go back to being a behind the scenes character, much in the way that Barbara’s image is supposed to be.  I’d like to see him providing communications and support, but I really dislike seeing him actually showing up and doing the plotting and the dirty work himself.  I’m ok with the occasional face-off between him and Oracle, but it really needs to be them facing off using their computer skills and putting their agents out in the field.   Birds of Prey shows this aspect better then the rest (Batgirl and Red Robin) but he still needs to quit showing up out in the field.

  4. I know Gail Simone is known for jokes that aren’t the slightest bit funny, but that Current/berry pun was so bad, I might have to drop this book out of principal.

  5. It would be nice to get some consistently good art on this book.  Every issue is a crap shoot, you don’t know if you’re going to get something fun to look at or this.

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