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Dinah Lance struggles to clear herself of murder charges, leaving Huntress and Lady Blackhawk in Thailand to face the invincible Shiva without the aid of the Black Canary! And a major moment occurs in the lives of Hawk and Dove.

Written by GAIL SIMONE

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  1. Anyone else struggling to stay on this?  There are some good aspects, but I don’t feel that Gail has quite gotten back to the old BoP days.

  2. Been loving this series so far, and it’s fun to see Gail moving forward with her BoP saga while simultaneously building upon aspects of her original run. One of my favorite Brightest Day titles.

    I’m also super happy to see Alvin Lee on art, even if he is being assisted by someone else.

  3. @zattaric – agree, her BoP days with Benes were classic, and Alvin Lee’s work on this is subpar compared to his Street Fighter stuff.

  4. I like this series … except that every issue has half the pages done by a good artist & half by a crappy one (by comparisson).

    It’s distracting when half the book looks like turds, but I’m liking the story enough to keep reading.

  5. I’m still on board. It’s only #6. Maybe it’ll turn out to be a slow burn. I’m willing to stick with it unless the quality really drops just to read these characters together. Plus the upcoming cover with Oracle’s tombstone that they showed at NYCC has me intrigued.

  6. I feel like Alvin should be drawing anime or manga instead of comic books.

  7. This wasn’t bad. The art was more consistent in this issue that it has been. I probably enjoyed this one the most so far actually. I love me a Huntress POV. She’s at her best when she’s refusing to go down in an impossible fight. Good stuff.

  8. Alvin’s work was better this issue, no way Huntress betters Lady Shiva, she cheated right there!  And kinda too easy how they rescue Sin.  Wonder if Sin will eventually be like a Damian, a future nemesis or partner perhaps?

  9. Awesome issue.

  10. Great cover btw.  Rare instance where an Asian character actually looks Asian in a comic book, although cover art is different…nice work by this Urosov.

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