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The explosive first arc of BIRDS OF PREY concludes here! The Birds race against the clock to protect the Super Hero community, but can they make it in time and find their blackmailer? And the final showdown between Black Canary and White Canary is a can’t-miss fight between two martial arts masters!

Written by GAIL SIMONE
White Lantern Variant cover by RYAN SOOK, FERNANDO PASARIN and JOEL GOMEZ

Price: $2.99
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  1. I’m really hoping to see a knock-down, drag-out between the two canaries in this one.

  2. Pretty cover.  I hope this is issue is better than the last one though.  We’ll see!

  3. I can’t WAIT to see what happens next! 😀

  4. Awesome cover!  This series has been pretty "meh" for me, I’m hoping it gets a lot better.

  5. I was really excited to jump on this wagon since I passed on Simone’s original run. I caught up with the trades, as I’m a huge fan of the girls on the team. But this first story arc has left me underwhelmed. I think Simone’s a fantastic writer (big Secret Six reader), and Benes is right at home with all the T&A on this title. Still, I’m just not that invested in the plot here. I’m gonna stick with it, and hopefully the next arc will move in a more exciting direction.

  6. A damn fine comic and a damn fine start to the new series. Easily one of the best things I’m reading on the stands now.


    This issue built upon what I love of this new series, in that it’s not only celebrating what happened in the previous Birds Of Prey title, but is also building upon that story quite competantly. And for those who don’t know who people like Savant and the 12 Brothers In Silk are, it’s no big deal because Simone makes it so that a new reader isn’t missing anything if they didn’t read the previous volume. She brought in 2 of the Birds’ biggest threats and wove a story that reintroduced them, made the audience familar with who they were, and greatly built upon there stories in the space of only 4 issues. Simone is an incredible writer, and what she achieved in this arc is proof of her skills.

  7. @Wheelhands  I agree with you 100%.  This book is on the chopping block for me.  I’m also going to wait to see what the next arc is like just b/c I used to love this book so much.  If need be, I might just decide that this new version of the series never happened so as not to tarnish the original run.  

    Gail’s killing it on Secret 6 though.  Maybe she just needs to get back into her groove.  

  8. Needs more Hawk and Dove, but other than that I liked it.  White Canary’s reveal was a little anti-climactic since I have no idea who the baddies she is connected to are.

  9. I loved it! When Simone had her run on Wonder Woman, I loved the arc when Canary and WW went to Japan and fought in the underground fighting ring. I found myself wanting more of those issues.  I got it, but it just came in the form of Birds of Prey instead of WW.

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