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The only thing worse than a bomb on a speeding train is three bombs. Hidden inside the skulls of three different people. All on the same speeding train. And the Birds of Prey – Black Canary, Starling, Katana and Poison Ivy – know the names of only two of these walking bombs.

Don’t miss the shocking revelation that will rewrite the rules of the team forever! Yes, we know it’s only issue #4!

Guest starring Batgirl!


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  1. Batgirl guest star. Either things are tougher than this girls can handle or this book is suffering from lack of readers.

  2. I grabbed the first three issues on a whim and I am loving this series. It’s my first exposure to all the characters and it may not be as profound as Animal Man or Swamp Thing but it’s a solid book and a fun ride with amazing art by Jesus Saiz

  3. I was upset when this title was announced with Gail Simone not writing it, but those feelings quickly melted away upon reading this first issue. One of the books I look forward to the most.

  4. This has been another great book for this week and I almost forgot about it and that really is not fair! The direction this book is heading each week is clear cut and the artwork is better than good! The images that are portraid and the way the story is told really pulls me inside this book as I read it, very few books do that now a days and this is one of them!


  5. Absolutely agree; an incredibly fun read. Deserves WAY more love than it gets.

  6. Starling is so awesome.

  7. Another great issue. The visual storytelling in that opening scene was just top notch work.

    The best and worst part of this book is the brisk pacing of the story so far. I love it every month, but it ends way too quickly.

    • This has been the most consistently good book in the NEW 52!! Every time I buy it, I hesitate to read it, and when I am finished reading, I loved it.

      I’m on board as long as this creative team is on.

  8. I just finished this, but I think I missed the shocking revelation that was supposed to rewrite the rules of the team forever.

    Also, is Batgirl on this team from here on out? Maybe it’s just because the first four issues of her own book have been so fucking horrible, but every time I see her I just wanna scream, “Yo trick, you aint sassy, you ashy! Lick ya’ lips you high-yella, red-headed bitch!!!”

  9. Secret floors between floors, housing secret organizations. What a novel idea. I’ve never seen THAT before.

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