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• Mr. Freeze is out of Arkham Asylum and looking for revenge on the Court of Owls! His first target? The newest member of the Birds team, Strix!

• And if that wasn’t enough trouble for the girls, this issue introduces The Daughters of the Dawn who are abducting people with super powers…starting with a certain prisoner at Belle Reve!

Story by Christy Marx
Art by Romano Molenaar & Vicente Cifuentes
Colors by Chris Sotomayor
Letters by Taylor Esposito
Cover by Emanuela Lupacchino & Chris Sotomayor

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Can’t say I’m too thrilled about Christy Marx taking over – her work on Amethyst seemed a little bit dated. Not that this book was kicking a lot of ass, but sometimes it was good.

    • I’m not directly comparing them, but it could be a situation like Bendis. His work on Avengers was getting so boring I’d wondered if he was done and then he got on X-Men and he feels like Bendis again. Maybe being on BoP will give her a change she needed to get energy again.

      I hope so, at least. I like this BoP line-up and want it to grow into a top-tier book.

  2. I’m still really enjoying this title. Even though it always gets a low rating. Strix is the best member of the team in my opinion. It will be fun to see them delve more into her character.

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