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In the concluding chapter of “War and Remembrance,” Lady Blackhawk and the original Phantom Lady are in the clutches of an enemy whose evil has lain dormant for decades! Can the Birds of Prey find and rescue their captured compatriots before it’s too late for them…and the world? This is the thrilling conclusion to a story fifty years in the making!

Written by fan-favorite MANHUNTER scribe Marc Andreyko and featuring breathtaking artwork by the amazing Billy Tucci!

Art and cover by BILLY TUCCI

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 2.9
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  1. There were some nice shots of Manhunter’s butt in this and that’s about it.

  2. This last issue was just that and thats all; going thru the motions. It is kinda of sad since this was a very good series and then ploop!! I like BUTTS also and well.. wait a minute..whhat??

    Just sayin’,

  3. This was definitely a letdown cause I thought last issue was pretty well done….but seems like everything I read this month got the bum’s rush out the door to some degree or another to make way for the New 52.

  4. Last issue was good. This was a bit campy, but it was fun, and i liked both artists here. Melo did some really good facial expressions here.

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