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  1. Been reading this book since the initial one-shots and I’m sad to say that I am slowly losing interest.  Even after Gail left, Nicola Scott’s art was a big draw.  Now that she is gone, I’m not sure that I am going to hang around much longer than the conclusion of this arc.

  2. This storyline is definitely snooze-worthy, which is especially galling since it’s featuring the whole Joker/Barbara thing.

  3. As of this issue, I dropped this book. I think it says something about the direction when the Joker comes to Barbara Gordon’s door and I can still bring myself to do that. I’ve read Birds of Prey since the first one-shot and I feel it’s just strayed too far from it’s original direction (w/o Black Canary). I kind of liked some of the team elements Gail Simone brought in, but I can’t bring myself to get into Misfit or Black Alice (though I did love Zinda; Huntress seems to kind of have fallen to the background). I think the Babs/Joker confrontation has already been done to death.

  4. I am really thinking about droping this !!!

  5. How can they not have Joker in the cop uniform & Oracle answering the door as the cover??? That was an awesome last page for last issue & would definitely be better than this Huntress cover, & would sell a few more books too I’d guess.

  6. I think that this is the actual cover:

    I am hoping that this is much more indicative of the contents of the book!

  7. I’ve been disappointed with this series since Simone left (actually probably once they were forced to lose Black Canary from the book), and the random moment of clarity for the Joker at the end of this issue doesn’t cut it.

    I think i’m going to drop this series which is sad since this is the one book I’ve read consistently since returning to comics 5 years ago.

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