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  1. Conor – I’ve been thinking about adding this to my list.  Is it a good place to jump on??  Should I bother??

  2. McKeever is doing a great job with the Birds.  I think this will continue to be one of DCs best books.

    Dez, check out some of the Gail Simone trades, especially with the Secret Six crossovers.  The last Simone-penned TP "Dead of Winter" comes out next Wednesday.  Check it out.

  3. Thanks PhantomPhrenemy – I will do just that!

  4. Thanks PhantomPhrenemy – I will do just that!

  5. just to give another opinion – i think mckeever’s birds has been a bit aimless. it seems totally directionless; i’m not really sure why i buy this book. i really think that gail’s work was stronger, and that dc hurt the book by taking the character gail made into a superstar – black canary – and took her off this team.

    anyways, just sharing another opinion. i was disappointed with this issue, and i haven’t seen a good issue of BoP in a few months – not since the last oracle/calculator showdown.

  6. I agree that BC is wasted away from this book, but aimless? There were two A plots in this issue – Zinda and Huntress vs Killer Shark; and Babs, Black Alice and Misfit investigating the Tabby Brennan incident. Along the way there’s more on the mystery of Misfit, strong characterisation and intriguing incident aplenty. Plus, Nicola Scott is producing beautiful artwork. I love this book and while upcoming writer Tony Bedard will no doubt produce a good run, I’m sad McKeever is leaving so soon. I shall enjoy him while he’s around.

     PS – is this book ever going to get a decent logo?

  7. ugh. i guess my problem is that while i like zinda (her one-shot a few back was very nice), i don’t really like a prolonged story featuring her – i don’t really care too much about her and tiger shark’s manufactured relationship; they just drop him in and say "they have a past," but it comes off as artificial.

    and misfit is the most annoying character ever. i get it, she’s an insecure teenager, and oracle is playing the batman role of a demanding, unforgiving mentor. blech.

    as for the tabby brennan incident, i would just as soon refer to it as "the time the birds fought a giant transformer." i would also just as soon forget it happened.

    oracle, huntress, and black canary made this book great, because they had differering personalities and compelling relationships. but as the cast has widened into people who frankly aren’t that interesting (black alice and misfit in particular), it’s suffered. 

  8. I keep worrying about this book, my interest has waned since the end of Simone’s run and DC’s shaky creative team schedules aren’t making things any better.  The one thing this book didn’t need is rebelious teen time with Misfit and Black Alice.  And would Oracle let two of her team go into a trap like that without her helping them in some way?

    It’s too split up focus-wise, the stories worked better when the team was working together.  I’d hate to drop this book because I adore the Babara Gordon and Huntress characters..  

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