Jack the Ripper stands revealed! The bad news is he’s kidnapped a member of the traveling sideshow where Billy the Kid serves as a hired gun! Now Billy and the four–armed leader of the troupe must race to save their friend from the demented killer. Of course, it doesn’t help that Billy is a suspect himself, with the London police hot on his heels!

* Goon backup story by Eric Powell!

* Powell’s The Goon was named one of the comics of the decade by The Onion’s AV Club!
* From The Goon creator Eric Powell!

By Eric Powell

Price: $3.99
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  1. This has been a fun comic so far, I’ve really enjoyed the break this is from all of my superhero books on my pull-list.  Love a good tongue-in-cheek horror story.

  2. Awesome issue!

  3. They didn’t have this at my shop this past week so I have to go to a different shop to get it.

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