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  1. My nephews LOVED this book when the last issue came out a bazzilion months ago… they don’t even remember this thing anymore.   If you are going to have a book for kids it HAS to come out on time… this has been badly handled and it’s a shame cause it’s great.

  2. I agree totally. I’ve been picking it up for my nephew, but I feel bad because it comes out so rarely. I’ve already decided to drop it and hunt for something else to get him.

  3. I’ve started to pick up Batman Brave and the Bold for the kids (Both 6 years old) and they love that along with Tiny Titans.

  4. I think I’m done after this issue. It’s been fun, but comes out waaaaaay too irregularly.

  5. This is great Captain Marvel versus Black Adam I already have an action figure of these two I was just hoping if Captain Marvel will still have a chance to settle an old score with his old enemy Doctor Sivana.

  6. Finally!!!

  7. Anyone know what the next story arc is going to be about? (That is if there is another).

  8. no wonder this book takes so long to come out. it has about 12 panels per page!!!!!

    Kunkel should have spaced things out abit.

    I hope this gets traded at a larger story book size and not a digest format 

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