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  1. Whatever happened with Herobear and the Kid? I loved that series when it came out. 

  2. It was only a 5 issue mini.  It ended.

  3. It will be interesting to see what Mike Kunkel will do with Captain Marvel. I’m expecting it to be a cross between Jeff Smith’s Cap and a Chuck Jones or Friz Freleng cartoon.

  4. I’m all for anything that gets away from the crudfest that was Trials of Shazam.

  5. @ Josh: Thanks. I guess I will have to go back and read my issues cuz I was always under the impression that it was somewhat ongoing back when I first picked it up.

    By the way I’m thinking about having my first printing of Herobear #1 slabbed cuz it looks like they are going for a premium price on ebay. JUST KIDDING!!!

  6. This is a book I have been looking foward to since I read about it on the internet. It looks like Calvin and Hobbs meet Shazam. I am very excited. Herres hoping it lives up to my own build up.

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