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A lab tech travels back in time on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 to try and get her husband out of the world trade center before it falls, but will the facts convince him before it’s too late?

A riveting tale of 9/11 by award winning master storyteller RICK VEITCH that exposes ‘The Big Lie!’


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  1. Rick Veitch is awesome.

  2. Oh god…a 9/11 truther comic…about time travel…I may have to get this just for the cringe factor

  3. Bought this simply because of Rick Veitch. Haven’t read it yet (still at work), but the premise does make you involuntarily roll your eyes.

  4. Give me a break!!! Bought this on a whim hoping for an interesting time travel take on Sept 11th. Instead I got a bunch of political conspiracy bull. I guess the next issue will show Bush pushing the detonator button. Refund please.

  5. Any who have read the comic, and would like some actual facts / rebuttal please go to this great article from Spencer Ackerman. His piece is good and concise, and provides links to the Popular Mechanic site and a few others which work hard to show why the the conspiracy groups are…misinformed (the polite way to put this).

    4-Color Conspiracies: There’s a 9/11 Truther Comic

  6. Apparently I was a bit off in saying Veitch was awesome. I thought he was. This book sounds like paranoid garbage. I think I will be passing (my store didn’t have it, wasn’t even on their list).

    • Hey BC, don’t feel too bad. There have been many, many occasions in which I’ve learned just how bat $#!+ crazy a comic artist, writer, actor, director, musician is after liking their work for years.

      I thought the world of Neal Adams, until I heard him on the Skeptics Guide to Universe talking about his “Expanding Earth Hypothesis” (which requires you to throw out all of known science). Oh well, I can still enjoy his art to some degree, but it’s hard not to think of the guy behind it. See:

      I also heard Ethan Van Sciver open his mouth once (which was a big mistake), and I will freely admit…oh man, I can admit this…I can do it…here it goes………you can consider me a John Byrne fan. Oh man! I can’t believe i actually said it.

      So , sometimes ignorance IS bliss.

  7. The whole idea that the government could pull off mining and remotely detonating the Trade Centers in secret, and oh by the way having not just one but two aircraft hit them just to cover up their clever plan, just seems so incredibly wacky to me I shake my head in disbelief. The triumph of the neocons post-911 is a really interesting story touched on here, it doesn’t need this silliness. I wonder whether Veitch believes the train bombing in Spain was a right wing conspiracy too?

    The art was really quite good in spots on this, shame it is wasted on this silliness. C’mon Veitch, you’ve got a lot of great stories still in you, stop this nonsense and start sharing your gift again. The Swamp Thing and Brat Pack runs are legendary.

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