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BETTY #184

“Betty at Beverly Hills High School”: Betty gets an opportunity to see how students in “The Golden State” live when a student exchange program sends her to California! Unlike Riverdale High, glitzy Beverly Hills High feels more like a movie than a high school, with students decked out in the latest fashions, shades and accessories. Betty also loves the focus on athleticism and competition, and trains for the track team with her new friend Olympia. She also gets to see some of the sights, including Rodeo Drive. All we can say is: Veronica Lodge, eat your heart out!

“No Room to Talk”: When Betty and Jughead spend the weekend helping Archie organize his room, they learn the true meaning of “organized chaos!”

“Kidding Around!”: Betty babysits a girl named Emily, but with Emily’s energy and imagination, Betty does anything but “sit”!

SCRIPT: Hal Lifson, Bill Golliher & Mike Pellowski
ART: Stan Goldberg

Price: $2.50
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