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  1. I enjoyed these issues. Not great stuff, but good. I do have to say, I wish we could do something about the Silver Surfer. Much as I love Abnett and Lanning (War of Kings ending misfire aside) they more or less screwed the character up and put him in a situation that makes no sense. Oh well. Galactus has officially become a non-threat in the Marvel Universe now.

  2. You know what , that is a great cover.    Really great cover.

  3. Can’t wait to see what happens after last issue’s cliffhanger.

  4. The first issue was my PoW, but cliffhanger aside, last issue left me limp.

  5. i dont think you could ask for a better ending.


  6. Yea, last issue was a bit shakier but this issue justified it. A great end to the short run.

  7. A good ending. However, the issue felt a little boring to me. Obviously nothing was going to change for Galactus, Surfer or Stardust in these pages, so there is no drama there. Enjoyable, and I rated it a 4/5, but I can’t help feeling a little bit of it was a retread of some elements from Stormbreaker.

  8. This is my first experience of Beta Ray Bill. He is still odd.

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