“What made you this way?”

And don’t miss the latest chapter of the CRIMSON CORSAIR backup epic from writer LEN WEIN and artist JOHN HIGGINS!

Written by Brian Azzarello
Backup Written by Len Wein
Art by Lee Bermejo
Backup Art by John Higgins
Cover by Lee Bermejo
Variant Cover by Jim Steranko & Jim Lee

Price: $3.99
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  1. This better be better than the Comedian!

  2. I’ve been cold on the Before Watchmen concept (only reading Silk Spectre so far), but this is a series I may buy if the reviews are good. If it has that “Joker” graphic novel vibe to it, I’m in.

  3. This has been the Before Watchmen mini I’ve been looking forward to the most, I really hope it doesnt dissapointed

  4. Read the preview – looks like the story-line takes place in 1977, so this version of Rorschach should a little more fucked up then the one appearing in the Nite Owl series.

  5. Ozymandias is not only the king of kings, but of the BW books as well. i hope this at least gives it a run for it’s money. been really looking forward to this one.

  6. hoping this will be much better than most of before watchmen, but my own hoarding problem forces me to buy them all.

  7. Silk Specter and The Ozyman have been really good. The Minutemen has been promising but ultimately average, and The Comedian and Nite Owl have been painfully bad. So bad that I’ll get halfway through the issue and realize I have no idea what I’ve just read. I’ll start over and the same exact thing happens. My brain is literally rejecting the comic book by immediately erasing all memory of the page I just read. If I concentrate really hard I can come away with some hazy recollection of the issue but it’s really not worth the effort. I usually get real sweaty and then physically sick. While trying to get through Nite Owl #2, I fainted and when I woke up I had pooped my pants. Ive never had a reaction like this before. Has this happened to anyone else? Anyway, I’m really looking forward to Rorschach #1!!

    • Your review of the five series so far was spot on. Exactly my ratings too. Am worried this one will be in your third category too.

    • You didn’t mention the pirate back-up story! I think it has been as dull and worthless as the Black Freighter was in the original Watchmen, so it’s been true to form for me.

      But I am glad DC did Before Watchmen – there have been some really good books, and it’s not like there is any way of appeasing Alan Moore anyhow.

    • I really have enjoyed the first 2 issues of Comedian, love all the historical references and Vietnam. That is just me though. I’ve enjoyed all the Before Watchmen books so far actually…been fun.

    • @JesseG
      you describe symptoms of drug abuse. is everything ok in school and at home. you’re among friends and we want to help you. that stuff is changin’ you, man. it’s time to stop. your ability to comprehend will improve significantly. the colors won’t seem as vibrant, though. there’s always a sacrifice.

    • I’ve tried to get help but they kicked me out of treatment for snorting my suboxones. I told those mongoloids to get me some MFin’ halfway decent applesauce cause I have a hard time swallowing pills. I have an abnormally narrow esophagus. It’s cool though, I’m just gonna get freaky on the weekends from here on out.

  8. What did people think of the cussing?

    • From Rorschach, stupid and out of character for me.

    • Yep, that’s what I thought too. Adding f bombs to Comedian, and even Silk Spectre, ok…but Rorshach, I just don’t see it.

    • i don’t get it. Rorschach murders people, but you guys think he’s too fastidious for a couple of naughty words?
      i dunno.
      you didn’t see F bombs in the original Watchmen, but it was 1986. comics code was still in effect.

    • I think Kovacs is a pretty weird guy. I don’t see him having sex, drinking, or using F-bombs… Breaking fingers, eating beans, great detective, not bathing, yes. To me, it’s all about getting in this guy’s head, is this part of how I think the writer doesn’t.

    • he didn’t have sex, drink or drop an F-bomb. he said 3 curse words: bitch, hell and shit. i don’t think hell counts and i can very much see him saying bitch and shit.

    • Good point(s).

  9. Though this is my pick of the week (I also bought Daredevil, which was also only good for the art), this was pretty disappointing.

    Every BW comic tries to pull off ironic synchronicity, and the more they try, the more unprofessional and lamer it gets. This issue was particularly bad. The only one who pulls it off nicely is Darwyn Cooke in his books.

    The art was awesome, but even that bothered me too. WHAT IS UP WITH RORSCHACH’S MASK!!?? Everything art-wise is totally amazing, and then the black designs on Rorschach’s mask looks like it was edited-in on Microsoft Paint.

    Brian Azzarello was the wrong man for the job. I wish Len Wein would’ve written everything…but I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to live with ALL of the blasphemy on his shoulders.

  10. I thought this was great. Azzerello’s voice suits this much better than the Comedian. I’m all on for the rest of the mini.

  11. I thought this was pretty terrible. I love Azzarello mainly for 100 Bullets but I didn’t feel like I was reading a book about Rorschach at all. He got the character all wrong… it was like he was trying too hard and failed pretty bad. Bummed, cos Rorschach is my fave Watchmen character 🙁

  12. i’ve read this a couple of times now and i think Azz NAILED IT.
    it was gritty and dirty. narrative sounded spot on. the art beautifully depicted Rorschach’s dark perspective.
    this is exactly what it should have been.

    • I agree, I loved it. It’s more of what I loved about Rorschach from the original Watchmen story. I thought the way he is done in Nite Owl was good too, but it must be set further along in time than this book, because he seems more detached there. But I thought this was really well done. The art was gorgeous. The panels where he opened the lock at the drug store were a little confusing – it looked like he was on the other side of the doors from the lock, then he’s picking it? Struck me as odd. Anyway, 5/5.

  13. not bad, ill stick around for #2

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