“A man like you loves a mystery.”

Plus: The latest chapter in the CRIMSON CORSAIR backup adventure from writer and artist JOHN HIGGINS!

Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Backup Written by John Higgins
Art by Andy Kubert & Joe Kubert
Backup Art by John Higgins
Cover by Andy Kubert & Joe Kubert
Variant Cover by Chris Samnee

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Creyes24709/19/12NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Still reading, still liking!

  2. How many more issues are still going to have Joe Kubert art? Great to see how excellent he still was with his work on a book like this.

  3. I quit with this series.

  4. Not only did JMS show the least amount of class when Before Watchmen was first announced, but he also gave this issue the grossest and most hackiest possible title. Stay classy, JMS:

  5. Picked this book up just to see Joe ink Andy. It’s nice to be able to still see work from a great creator that we’ve lost.

  6. oh man i wish they had gotten an inker who didnt look like he had palsy to replace Kubert.

  7. Before Watchmen gets stronger and stronger. My least favorite titles were Comedian and Nite Owl, but the last two weeks both have come out with great issues. I’m totally bought in at this point, and am picking up every BW book.

    Nite Owl #3 was very good I thought. The scene with the mask removals was so well done artistically. And JMS has done a great job at the end of the issue weaving the Rorschach thread back into the story.

    Am curious what the Nite Owl I disturbing truth is…

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