“Well…things got out of hand.”

Written by Brian Azzarello & John Higgins
Art by J.G. Jones & John Higgins
Cover by J.G. Jones
Variant Cover by Gary Frank

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  1. Is it just me or does it feel like Before Watchmen has overstayed it’s welcome?

    • Ever since Darwyn Cooke’s two series wrapped up it has been feeling like I’m just buying the rest of them for completion’s sake.

    • Well, the delays haven’t helped. It’s this book that has been the slow one.

      But that being said, I have really enjoyed this entire project. And even though I wasn’t buying it way back in the day, the final issue of Watchmen was pretty damn late, so delays are in the heritage of this book.

  2. I think the decision to make some of the series 6 issues instead of 4 was a mistake. I’ve really enjoyed BW, in fact, I’ve been surprised how outside the Cooke books (clearly the best) how universally disliked a lot of the books are, even though I think that Nite Owl, Rorschach, Ozy, and Comedian (which started a little off but has been good lately) are much better books on average than what you find on the rest of the newstand. Rorschach in particular has been very good but not getting the love. Manhatten has been ok, Dollar Bill was good, and Moloch probably the worst of the series.

  3. From what I’ve read, I’ve enjoyed. Actually I even enjoyed the first Comedian books, and how it was woven into the Kennedy thing mythos. But enjoyed the Cooke and Silk Spectre books best.

  4. I dunno, I’m still liking some of these. Rorschach is this grimy 70’s revenge story, Dr. Manhattan is a quantum auto-bio/paradoxical origin, and Comedian is a good companion read with FuryMAX, both leads being grizzled, cigar chomping Nam vets with greying temples.

  5. I like this book. 60’s pop culture, the political implications and a Great War piece.

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