“I am a blood brother.”

Plus: The latest chapter in the CRIMSON CORSAIR backup adventure from writer and artist JOHN HIGGINS!

Written by Brian Azzarello
Backup Written by John Higgins
Art by J.G. Jones
Backup Art by John Higgins
Cover by J.G. Jones
Variant Cover by John Paul Leon

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  1. i know this is the least popular of the BW titles, but i’m really enjoying it. the “Forrest Gump formula”, as i’ve heard it referred to as, works well for me and the historical nods strike a chord.
    i thought the art in the first issue was so-so, then the 2nd issue’s art blew me away and Azz speaks well from the perspective of Blake.

    • I’m enjoying the entire line of Before Watchmen titles. They each have their own ‘flavor’ and personality and, on the most part, they have stayed true to the sound and feel of the characters. I look forward to each release as they come out.

    • In this month’s installment of Forrest Blake, we learn that during the Watts Rebellion/Watts Riots that the angry mobs were only engaging in civil protests… Until the Comedian arrives to incite them to loot! Then, when the police commissioner utters hs infamous words comparing the rioters to monkeys, in this reality he’s rewarded with a face full of dog poop! And we’re rewarded with a lovely panel of said poop being expelled by a dog. I’m completely mystified by this series, and am only buying it now to experience the amazing spectacle of horrors, and with every panel I ask myself, what does this series have to do with Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s Watchmen? I kind feel like this comic is the dog poop, and Mr. Azzarello is figuratively flinging it in his readers’ faces each month while laughing and doing his own crazy monkey dance. I was thoroughly entertained, but only in an ironic, WTF kind of way. One star.

    • you pay 4 dollars a month for Azz to shit on your face? ooooooooooooK. have fun with that.

    • Nah, I pay to be entertained. I just don’t think my entertainment is being derived in the manner intended by the creative team. It’s more that I’m laughing AT the comic, rather than laughing WITH the comic. But as long as I’m laughing, I’ll keep reading.

  2. I’ve been struggling this, but loving Comedian in the other books (Minutemen, Silk Spectre, and hopefully the upcoming issue of Ozy). At this point I like the other BWs so much I think I’m getting ’em all. I really hope I liike this one more than #2. I also really hope the Kennedy mystery is brought back in.

  3. This was the best issue yet. I really like how the girl reminded him of Laurie. I also liked his looting solution to the problem…very creative Eddie!

  4. Can we rename this series “Fun with the Kennedys”?

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