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Batwing vs. Massacre! The culmination of Massacre’s rampage and destruction of Africa’s first team of heroes, The Kingdom!

The battle between Batwing and Massacre crashes Gotham City as Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing join the fight in a massive, action-packed rumble you won’t want to miss! And the shocking identity of Massacre is revealed at last!

Written by Judd Winick
Pencilled by Dustin Nguyen
Inked by Derek Fridolfs
Lettered by DC Lettering
Colored by Ken Lashley
Cover by Brian Reber & Ken Lashley

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Still at the top of the list of anticipated books each month. It’s exciting that we’re in Gotham, but I’m looking forward to the eventual return to Africa!

    • Same here! I’ve really enjoyed this title.

      I’m curious to see how his JLI inclusion affects his solo title (I’m hoping it’s not a sign of it being cancelled). Maybe the upcoming Court of Owls will give it a bump in numbers.

  2. I wonder how accurate the summary is…does this end the first arc? Massacre is a great villain, btw.

    • I think it does. Massacre is a great villain indeed. Perfect for a bat character. I think the next arc starts rolling with the Court of Owls. Since he’s in Gotham already, it makes sense.

  3. Who thinks Winick is gonna cop out in order to have Kony be Massacre ? Come on who thinks this is gonna happen ?

  4. Just reread ish 7. Kone was certainly the angriest of the kingdom but I’m guessing he is in the armor and Massacre remains one of the Congo warlords (1 of 6?) defeated by ” the people” during the final days of the Kingdom.

  5. Ha ha, we were both right/wrong. SPOILERS Kony was in the armor, but Massacre turned out to be his brother. Yea, SleepingMan, I’d call that a “cop out” just as much as him being Kony. I laughed reading that passage as I realized you were dead on right about Massacre revealing that he WASNT Batwing’s former warlord master.

    Maybe Batwing should team with Batwoman and they can fight their evil twin siblings.

    This issue was my least favorite of the series.

    • Did you really expect Massacre to be someone who had not been mentioned in the seven previous issues? Seriously, what character would not have been a ‘cop out’ to you?

  6. I enjoyed it as much as the rest. Winick is fantastic with dialogue. The characters just seem more real then with other books. Im glad it was his brother. Makes everything more personal and complicated. Born from death……. Loved it.

  7. I thought it was pretty obvious who Massacre would be, after issue #4. The fate of his brother was never really touched on, and the twist was predictable. A lot of fun though, and well told, and always great to see Dustin Ngyuen’s art. Looking forward to Marcus To’s art, loved him on Red Robin.

  8. oh how i love this series. Batwing, Daredevil, both amazing and avenging spiderman, and nightwing are always my most anticipated bookd each month. Batwing has been my biggest surprise for sure.

  9. This was OK, but it suffered from not having the excellent art of the early issues. That was one of the draws for me. Now, it’s a little less special, just another comic.

  10. Batwing #8 features the final battle against Massacre, and a couple of revelations that will leave you saying “Whaaat?” Great story. For me, the artwork is still the weak link. Marcus To will be taking over soon, so that will give the book a well deserved boost.

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