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The past looms large as Batwing’s early days as a crime fighter come to light, gaining the attention of Batman. In the present, the adventure comes full circle as Batwing faces off against Massacre in the shadows of the Pyramids of Egypt.

The mystery of Massacre begins unfolding as the truth of Africa’s greatest Super Hero team, The Kingdom, unravels.

Written by JUDD WINICK

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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Everyone’s got their surprise hit of the relaunch and this is it for me! Loving the new character, locale, and art!

  2. The Egyptian goverment is going to be pissed that their pyramids are going to be damaged.

  3. Dropped it. liked the art, liked the character, but way way WAAY too decompressed for me. the fact that he’s going to gotham next arc sealed the deal for me.

  4. i really really like this book. the art is good and story is also good. solid.

  5. Ha, ha, the decompressionists are lucky they bailed…this issue took the existing decompression and doubled it.

    Am sad to see the book head to Gotham.

    But, you know what, I really like this character, the fantastic art, the African setting. Until the artist leaves, I’m in. And the story is enjoyable, other than the ridiculous happenings of the issue #1-2 cliffhanger.

  6. If you consider everything that has happened in the past six issues, Batwing is far from being decompressed.

    In those six issues we have learned Batwings identity, his crime-related background, we’ve learned about The Kingdom and many of the heroes related to that group, we’ve been introduced to a new villian, we’ve met Batwing’s Alfred-like character, we’ve been introduced to a unique setting (Africa), Batman has made cameos, etc…

    I could go on, but I believe Winick/Oliver & company are doing an outstanding job so far!

    I dropped JL & Aquaman because it dripped with decompression…Johns is a good writer, but he is the worst offender when it comes to decompression story telling!

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