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Massacre’s crusade of blood continues, and the only one standing in his way is Batwing, who finds himself fighting alongside a legendary hero of Africa: the mighty Thunder Fall!

As more heroes are targeted by this madman, the mystery of why begins to unfold, as does the story of Batwing’s dark past.

Written by JUDD WINICK
Art and cover by BEN OLIVER

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Judd is killing it on this book.

  2. Love the Winick, still not sold on this book. I’m very close to dropping it. Story: 2.5 Art: 2

  3. Really enjoying this book, but it is a bit of a light read, hopefully we get a little more meat this issue.

    • This has been a problem for me on several of the new 52 books. I don’t like light reads. I want bang for my buck. That’s why I stopped reading this after the first issue.

      Supergirl has also been way too light, and is on my chopping block. Then again, Superman has the opposite problem.

  4. More excited for this than probably any of the other books I’m reading this week.

  5. Fuuuuuck, people need to start pulling this or its going to go the way of Unknown Soldier…
    Africa just can’t get a break…

  6. Was so close to dropping this but damn if this wasn’t the best issue of the series so far! Can’t wait for number 4

  7. I’m getting sick of all his “I can beat this guy because of the tools of my benefactor” lines. I’ve found very little in this series to hold my interest. Dropped.

  8. I like it, love the art. I just wish they hadn’t wounded in such a way in issue #1 that it made these next two issues completely ridiculous. It just wasn’t necessary, sure the #1 cliffhanger was great, but at the cost of undermining the story.

    I’m totally intrigued by the whole Kingdom story. Definitely want to see more.

  9. Agreed with Party. “tools of my benefactor” need not be uttered any more in this series. I was prepared to drop this after last issue. Primarily because I didnt see the need of a bat family book. Yes I skipped all of the Batman inc, and that may be why I feel that way. But I just don
    t see why there needs to be an African batman and why He needs to be it. I would have rathered it been done in a Knight and squire fashion if they were going to do it. Give me a non-bat name, and make him somehow have african flavor. .

    The story behind what the kingdom did has intrigued me, so I will probably continue, but will probably get dropped on the first week I don’t have time to read all the books from the launch I kept.

  10. Great third issue! Really glad I stuck this out.

    The story is riveting and the art continues to be amazing (anyone else notice that some the trees in the background appeared to photos?).

    Can’t wait for the next issue!

  11. I really am enjoying this book. I’m a little tired of the “tools of my benefactor” line, but not enough to drop it or anything. The art is amazing. The main thing that bugged me was the dialogue of the medical staff at the end. Not sure if African doctors would use the same patter and verbal shorthand as the characters on an American TV medical drama – it was a little too “ER” for my ear. But otherwise I’m loving this book.

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