• After a series of deadly discoveries, Bruce Wayne has learned that the Court of Owls is real — and a deadly threat out to control Gotham City!

• Unleashing their deadly assassins known as the Talons, Batman must stop the insidious Court of Owls before they claim the city for their own. In doing so, The Dark Knight will uncover dark secrets — not just about the city he’s sworn to protect, but about the history of the Wayne family.

• Collects BATMAN #8-12 and BATMAN ANNUAL #1.

Story by Scott Snyder & James T. Tynion IV
Art by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, Jason Fabok, Rafael Albuquerque, Becky Cloonan, & Andy Clarke
Cover by Greg Capullo

Price: $24.99
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  1. I’m excited for this, but, reading the first volume, the story is, so far, basically Batman R.I.P.

  2. awesominabox (@ says:

    I love batman and i grew up reading Batman. One of my least favorite writers for Batman is Scott Snyder. Every story i have read by him is always about some one in the past that we have never heard of. Always some deep dark secret cult that has never been mentioned before. His stories are always like this. I tired reading his Court of Owls arc but it was all history we never heard of which we should have heard about in past comics because they play such a big part in Gotham.

  3. Issue 12 in this collection was the scene-stealer for me. I was interested in seeing more of Harper since issue 7 and the pairing of Snyder’s story and Becky Cloonan’s art was a homerun. Also, Harper shows up in a panel in issue 1, so now I figure her to be a solid part of Snyder’s run.

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