Batman’s darkest fears resurface in this stunning conclusion to the opening epic as the Dark Knight confronts the mastermind behind the toxin being injected into Gotham City’s criminals. But the conspiracy behind the toxin runs deeper than he could possibly have imagined.

Time is running out – and the entire structure of Gotham City’s society is at risk, unless Batman can find a path to overcome the man who once broke his back: Bane!


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    1. Thee best Batman book out there, right now! I am sorry Snyder I like the flagship Batman book alot its just this one is slightly killing it for me and I am looking for a POW from this title again! I know I gave Batman POW last week and this will be a back to back Bat-week. All I have to say if you have not been reading this you should give it a whirl or maybe wait for the TPB if thats what everyone is doing because this is that good…


      • I really can’t wrap my head around your reasoning. What do you love so much about this title? It seems like a pretty generic story and I don’t think Finch’s art has been as good as I’ve seen (although I am digging this cover). All we’ve gotten out of this title is random cameos by JL members and villains and weak subplots with boring new characters. I’d rather have seen a whole issue of Batman vs. Deathstroke or Scarecrow than have random pages wasted on B-plots about the White Rabbit or Jaina Hudson (I just took like 5 minutes to find her name since her story has been sidelined for so long). Jenkins and Finch are trying to keep too many plates spinning. Issue eight would need to have a hell of an ending to pull everything together satisfyingly.

      • I’m sorry Flash923, you seem like a fun guy who reads a shit load of comics but here you’re losing all credibility.

        You’re saying that Batman: TDK is greater than Batman by Snyder/Capullo. Basically you’re saying that you prefer to drink shit soapy coffee served at McDonald’s (Or Tim Hortons, if you live in Canada) to drinking a Latté full of taste, richness and love…

        What is WRONG with you??? 0_o

      • For the record, I much prefer Snyder’s book too, but just because it’s acclaimed or has a more classy style to it or whatever your reason… nothing about it is objectively (can I italicize that?) better.

        Everybody has different taste, likes different styles of storytelling, etc.

      • dont worry, flash. your street cred is still good with me despite the fact that i like snyder’s batman a metric shit ton more than this title. different strokes and what not.
        last couple of issues of this series has been fun and entertaining

    2. If there’s one thing I’ll say about this book, it’s that I like seeing Bane not in a big comfy fur coat.

    3. Fun title.

    4. last issue was just maddess and wicked fun. so i will give this a try again.
      was sorry to see batman get his ass handed to him by supes. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE KRYPTONITE RING?!?
      in my world, batman is smart enough to know how to whip superman’s ass.

    5. This cover makes me sad. S6 Forever.

    6. This is a repeat cover of the Knightfall series…Not sure if braking batman’s back is a repeatable event

    7. that cover is so badass

    8. I bought the previous series, but was not impressed enough to continue.

      Sweet art.

      I would’ve hoped that bringing in Paul Jenkins and Richard Friend would’ve helped things a bit.

      I guess I’ll check out the trade from the library and see how it all worked out.

    9. so did this issue wreck the chances of a Secret Six series in the New 52?

    10. This is like a throwback to 90’s Image comics, meaning it’s god awful. Flashy, faux gritty, inconsistent, out of character, and convoluted.

      • 90s Image comics were often some of the best stuff around, stuff like Savage Dragon and Witchblade are still running with 100 plus (175 plus in Dragon’s case) issues for a reason. And of course, The Maxx, etc etc.

        And it’s not like Batman comics in the 90s weren’t going for grittiness and whatnot as well.

    11. I enjoyed this issue and gave it a 4 probably because Bane just really bothered me, looked so strange and his word balloon was distracting. Pretty silly huh? The rest of the story has stayed consistent and the rest of the artwork was very detailed and I love this White Rabbit and scarecrows look. I think that Bane is probably just a hallucination and that would explain the strangeness with him. Already looking forward to next month..


    12. Solid comic fun, but HOW is this the conclusion to the arc, as DC says it is in the solicit above.

      I like the appearance of other DC characters in this title, too.

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