Etrigan the Demon’s loyalties are stretched to their breaking point, and when he chooses sides, an epic battle ensues with Batman! The victor can only be decided with the help of a new friend, but there’s no time to spare for infighting, because Gotham City is being overrun by a demon horde…

Written by DAVID FINCH
Variant cover by ANDY CLARKE

Price: $2.99
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  1. I’m going to finish this until the end.  Is there 5 or 6 issues in total planned before September?

  2. From what I’ve seen on DC’s site, there are 5 issues in total in this “volume” before the reboot and renumbering. I’m also getting all of them. I may also pick this title up after the reboot, but that remains to be seen, depending on how I like this arc, and how much money I have come September.

  3. It takes forever to come out but I still like it.  

  4. @robbydwonar, I agree. For me, the only negative aspect to this book has been the delays. Art is great.

  5. You guys should look again. Finch is not doing the art in this issue. I even had to do a double take. This probably explains why this issue came out on time. Fabok is also going to be the artist for issue #5 as well as when this book is re-launched in Sept……I think. Let’s all hope it looks good.

  6. thought finch was doing the art on this one.  am a little pissed off that i bought it because i dont think the story is strong enough on its own to carry the title.  if finch isnt on board for art detail after the relaunch im afraid i’ll have to drop this batman title.  

  7. terrible, just terrible

  8. Good story And the art was fantastic. 5 stars!!!

  9. Finch’s protege is doing art assists or doing the art under Finch’s tutelage and supposedly has a similar enough style that it shouldn’t be too noticeably different. Finch himself was having trouble getting the writing done to his own satisfaction and budgeting his time wisely when it came to doing the art, since he was rewriting as he was drawing (from what I read). Having his protege work on the art was supposed to enable him to concentrate on his writing and remove the temptation to continually rewrite every panel, as opposed to actually finishing the art as scripted.

    Because Finch’s art was the major draw to this book for me, and because watching him learn to script is not exactly what I was hoping to invest my time and money in, I will most likely be dropping the book as of the last issue of this volume.

    I wish him well with the title, and hope that he can get more on track with his scripting and his scheduling, and provide more of the artwork himself. If that becomes the case, I would be willing to give this title another chance, post-reboot. 

  10. Well I picked up the first three this weekend since I had a little extra reading time and I was not going to get this at all. The cover art made me look inside and the art inside was enough to pull me in. Then I read book one and well I am going to have to call the book store this morning and see if they can order me a copy of this since it was not on the shelf there Saturday when I bought the other three.
    Very good book, love the Penguin and Croc banter and I hope Croc gets even with that dirty

    Just sayin’

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