Trapped with childhood friend Dawn Golden deep beneath Gotham City, Batman’s only hope for escape also happens to be one of his worst enemies!

Meanwhile, Etrigan the Demon turns against his masters and confronts a twisted, evil incarnation of Ragman with the help of Alfred.

Only Batman knows the secret to defeating the demon possessing Ragman – but The Dark Knight is nowhere to be found!

Written by DAVID FINCH
Variant Cover by ANDY CLARKE

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Avg Rating: 2.4
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  1. Will only be getting this to complete the arc and – since I doubt there will be another issue before the new #1 – to complete the volume……ahem….

  2. Well, issue 5 is due out Aug 24, but issue 4 is due out never.  Who the heck knows.  I liked the first issue, haven’t read the second issue yet, because it’s taken SOOOO LOOONG for this issue to come out.

  3. I thought #4 and #5 came out the same week?  Or really close.  Isn’t that what Comixology says?

  4. I need to read the first two issues of this. They looked great. Maybe he can get to issue #5 by the reboot. If if ain’t that great, I’m telling my retailer I won’t be in for any more come September.

  5. This was great, I’m Penguin saturated from Secret Six and I like it.

  6. first book was good, second was so-so and this one was ok.  the art is near flawless, but im not convinced finch cut out to be a writer.  and whats up with the bat-signal style logo on his chest?  how is he going to sneak around all ninja-like with a flashlight coming out of his chest screaming “here i am!  my chest glows in the dark!”  has anyone else noticed this?  i feel like im taking crazy pills over here!

  7. Am I the only one who feels like this is just All Star Batman & Robin vol. 2? Maybe it’s just ‘cos Finch’s art reminds me so much of Jim Lee’s.

  8. I like this book, but even I, who generally don’t do release schedule whines, have trouble with the pace and wish I was trade waiting (although if I was I’d probably never get around to actually buying it).

  9. One of the least memorable books (and runs) I’ve read…Couldn’t tell you much about it and I read it less than a week ago…Good art, really dull story…

  10. @justderek  both books have the same inker, scott williams.  

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