Picking up from recent issues of BATMAN, the origin of Clayface is revealed—and a new mystery is introduced!

Written by Gregg Hurwitz
Art by Alex Maleev
Cover by Alex Maleev

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  1. Alex Maleev…YES PLEASE! Hopefully the story is as good a quality as the art.

  2. Picking this up for the first time for Maleev art. How has the story been thus far?

  3. I know this book sells well– even though its usually the first one people mention when they’re complaining about ” too many Batman books– and I’ve been reading it since Hurwitz took over and other than the arcs running a little long IMO I think it’s been really good and I’m still enjoying it.

    • Early on in the arc there was an issue I loved, but later I just got tired of it. I feel like we don’t need this many Batbooks when some of them aren’t all that great. I may pick this up but my feelings for Hurwitz have cooled.

  4. I’m really enjoying this title. It’s still a very good Batman book.

  5. This is my favorite Bat book because of its strong emphasis on the villains and de-emphasis on the Bat-family.

    Alex Maleev! And no Mad Hatter! Lookin’ good, B:TDK!

  6. Has anyone else had enough of Clay face in the New 52? Any other villain and Id be buying this.

    • Yeah. It always feels like whenever one of the bat-books start to focus on a villain, they appear everywhere. A while ago it was the penguin, and now it seems to be clayface.

  7. SteveAreUokay (@StevieAreUokay) says:

    I’m curious about this issue! Overall this title has been a soild read! Just, like Urthona said this book’s emphasis is on the villains. I agree though they need to explore more villains in the batU. It seems like before the Joker’s return the bat books just been stories heavily about Penguin, Scarecrow, and Clayface!

    • Explore more villains in the DCU? I would say you only have to wait about 1 more month and you will get all the villain mania you can handle. Probably straight through until next summer. Villain month and then right on into the Forever Evil event.

  8. The only reason I keep reading this title is because I love the Batman character so much. It has been truly awful lately. I hated the whole Mad Hatter storyline but I thought, okay, he’s gone and Van Sciver is a good artist. Instead we get Maleev. This issue was very, very average. I’ve dropped a lot of New 52 lately what with the artist changes on Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Action. This book is heading that way for me as well.

    • Pelletier has been superb on Aquaman. The most UNDERATED artist in the Big 2. If you’re not buying because of the art, it makes me wonder if you’ve seen it. Aquafans have been very pleased with his work.

  9. That was some of my favorite Alex Maleev art since the first few years of Daredevil. His artwork is so such a perfect fit for a Batman book.

  10. I’m enjoying Clayface a great deal in the new 52. Easily the best he’s been portrayed since the 1990’s.

  11. SteveAreUokay (@StevieAreUokay) says:

    I actually Like this issue! I just read it finally and, I have to say I like the gritty artwork of Maleev. I’m actually curious to see how this story arch plays out. I’ve been dropping a lot of New 52 lately to mainly because my pull list is ridiculous but, I may have to hold on to this book a little longer!

  12. Maleev!!! Get the fuck out. Totally picking this up in 2 months. Digitally. Can’t wait.

  13. This was another solid issue. The art was very cool looking. It was a nice little one shot story dealing with Gordon, Batman and Clayface. Which is a nice break from the huge story arcs we have been having.

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