• Welcome new series writer GREGG HURWITZ!

• Kicking off a major story pitting BATMAN against the most deadly version of the SCARECROW he’s ever seen!

• This isn’t about fear…it’s about TERROR!

Written by Gregg Hurwitz
Pencilled by David Finch
Inked by Richard Friend
Colored by Jeromy N. Cox
Cover by David Finch & Richard Friend

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. A new writer? So maybe this might be good to check out –

  2. Gross. What is wrong Finch and Daniel?

  3. This is the book I’m most excited for after Hurwitz’ penguin mini series. Hopefully this delivers.

    • I agree. Gregg Hurwitz’ Penguin mini was awsome & he wrote a story arc for the Punisher Max series,which I liked as well. So I have high hopes he can save this series. It has been pretty bad.

  4. Avatar photo consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    I’ve heard a lot of praise for Greg Hurwitz and I like the scarecrow so will give this one a go.

  5. I might pick this up, I loved Greg Hurwitz very short run on Moonknight, also it makes me sad this is not on my pull-list because I love David Finch but I have been hearing this book sucks. So maybe I’ll try this book out, and it might be refreshing not to read Batman fighting owls.

  6. This and Batman Inc. are tops on my “Must Read” list this week.

  7. Jumping on this book just because of the Gregg Hurwitz praise. Hopefully it isn’t as bad as the previous issues.

  8. How come grisly covers like this are PG-13 cool, but the ones with women’s nipples on ’em are banned or blackbagged? Ha, should I post that cool quote from Jane’s Addiction’s censored art album?

  9. If this is even half as good as Hurwitz’s Penguin: Pain and Prejudice mini then it will be worth a pick up. Sign me up!

  10. Yea, Penguin four parter was great! I can’t wait to see what Hurwitz does with Scarecrow.

  11. Can we not just have a good Batman story without all the graphic stuff?

    • @boostergold doesn’t bother me at all, in fact I really like the dark and intense batman stuff coming out lately. If you don’t like the violence/gore don’t buy it, just go buy one of the batman adventure books (or whatever the kid friendly ones are called) they should be squeaky clean if that’s your cup of tea. This is obviously a book for adults.

    • Booster never said anything about wanting something ‘”kid friendly”, thompsonlive. Please don’t reduce the argument to a false dichotomy. It’s entirely possible to make a good, scary, serious Batman story without using ridiculous lowbrow gore.

    • @petevaldez yes you can make it without gore but its like making a WW2 movie without gore. Imagine saving private ryan and remove all the blood and guts from it, and while your at it give them super soakers and nerf guns. Sure the story and acting would still he there but i wouldnt be able to take it seriously. Same here when some psychopathic serial killer like scarecrow starts killing people it better be realistic or i wont take it seriously. Some people prefer gore and realism, some people prefer squeaky clean action. Either is fine but again my point is this book is for people like me that prefer realism and violence that isnt nerfed. if you dont like it, dont buy it and dont come complain about it because some of us really enjoy this type of entertainment.

  12. I’m giving this issue a chance. If it doesn’t wow me, I will never, ever pick up a Batman: The Dark Knight issue ever again unless Snyder’s writing it or Jeff Lemire…

  13. It’s good! It’s good! Scary and psychological. Scarecrow is just as menacing as he can be. Congrats Mr. Hurwitz, I’m hooked.

  14. Scarecrow is getting freaky – Cool issue, I’ll probably pick up the next one. This take on the Scarecrow is reminding me of something out of an old Spawn comic.

    Is the Piano Playing girlfriend a recurring character exclusive to this series? I haven’t heard about her yet.

  15. This was good, but I’m already over pulled on monthly Batman books. This needed to be insanely good for me to add another Batbook into the mix, and unfortunately it just didn’t have that gut punch.

    Still, I’m happy for Finch that he finally appears to be getting some direction after 2 years of misfires.

  16. This was an unexpected gem!

  17. Pretty good issue.

    I especially liked the scene with Batman talking to the little girl victim. I thought “why not get Wonder Woman or Superman to talk to her?” until the last panel of that scene.

    Panel of the week!

    • Agreed. It’s one of the all-too-rare times we’ve seen Batman act like a human being in the New 52, and I thought it was great.

  18. I decided I need a batman book in my life… I’m up in the air on whether i should pick up Dark Knight or go with Court of Owls. Or both. Online i read that the 1st arc of DK was meh. But the cover & todays IF panel makes me want to jump on this.

  19. Avatar photo consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    It was okay, and showed a little promise but if this was a huge improvement from earlier The Dark Knight issues then I can’t imagine how rubbish that was.

  20. This was perfect 5/5 I like this better than Batman and Batman Inc. I’m just gonna stick with this title I think.

  21. I thought this was a very good issue. It showed a lot of improvement over the previous ones. Hopefully it’s a sign of good things to come!

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