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  1. yay for paul dini

  2. Still considering dropping this.  We’ll see.

  3. Cool cover. Is Manhunter getting the "main" section this time around?

    @vadamowens As am I. Though this issue can turn it around. I need more Zsasz and Hush in this book, though. 

  4. Cool to see the Second Feature on the cover!

  5. I dropped this. I enjoyed it well enough, but I want Dini to write it not fill in writers.

    I’m down to Gotham City Sirens and Detective Comics (the new arc is much better storywise than the first arc).

    If GCS gets hit with too many fill-in writers, I’m off that book as well.

  6. So glad Paul Dini is back although the last arc was better than what Yost is also doing in Red Robin right now.

  7. Love the manhunter backstory! this book has been stellar thus far.

  8. Nice to see Dini back, now I can go back to giving DC and extra $4 a month.

  9. I actually dug the last two issues with Huntress and Man-Bat, but it is always nice to see Dini back. And this seems to be the start of a multi-part story. Sounds good to me.

  10. Very good issue. The back-up was a little off, especially the artist’s rendition of Batman and Robin, but still good. The main story was excellent. Nice to see Daimian humanized. 4/5 (really… 4.5)

  11. I took the last 2 issues off- no interest in Huntress or Man-Bat- but I was glad to see this pick up with the Zsasz story again. Great issue!

  12. I think this has been solid all the way through.  I really want Dini on a ‘main’ bat-title.  Though I guess this is kind of turning into one…

  13. This question was probably suited for earlier in the week when there was more activity, but…

    I dropped this book after the first issue but have been considering giving it another shot… what’s the general story of what’s been happening in this neck of the Batverse? 

  14. Really good issue. Loved seeing Humpty Dumpty again.

  15. Really cool issue. Yost did a solid fill in, but its good to see the king of the Bat Books back.

  16. @Slockhart Hush breaks out of prison, impersonates Bruce and starts giving away millions of Wayne’s money. Batman & co. stop him and use him as a face for Bruce in public. Now Mr. Zsasz is kidnapping children and forcing them to fight eachother to the death.

  17. Loooved this. The main story was better than the co-feature (and I agreee about the co-feature art), but it was all around pretty darn stellar. Love seeing Damian being portrayed as an actual person, and I loved the "real son." line, heh. 5/5.

  18. Damian has me puzzled.  I thought he’d be the killing Boy Wonder but I get shocked when he acts human!  I guess the others are wearing off on him, but the attitude continues strong.  I’ll be looking forward to more of this story line 🙂

  19. I think Manhunter has been better the last couple of issues, but the main story was pretty good and the art was great.

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