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  1. Didn’t really enjoy this last issue… hopefully Dini’s back next issue.

  2. I thought it last issue was okay.  I like Dini better though.  Hopefully he has a good arc up his sleeve after all this down time.

  3. I don’t really like how Nguyen draws Man-Bat.

  4. I enjoyed the last issue enough, but if Dini ain’t dedicated to writing this series, I’m not dedicated to buying it.

    Sadly, I’m dropping this after this issue.

  5. I thought I heard that Dini is gone for three issues.  Not completely sure though.  Also I would love to own that cover.

  6. Also I think Dini is more excited to be writing his live action Cartoon Network TV show and the Zatanna book than anything else.  From what I’ve been told.

  7. I would totally be down for a Zatanna series.  It sounds a hell of a lot more fun than Azrael!  I sure hope they pick somebody who is good at drawing the ladies for it too.  I know Jim Lee is probably to busy with DC Universe Online to draw a second/third tier title like Zatanna, but Tony Daniel draws a mighty nice Selina Kyle.  And I mean it when I say, "MEEEEEOOOOW!!"  They definitely don’t need Gulliem March on Zatanna!  I can’t stand the way he draws the chicks in GC Sirens.  He’s not a bad story teller or anything, he just doesn’t have me literally GAWK at the girls in tight costumes like other artists do, and that’s what it’s all about in a book like Sirens!

  8. Stephane Roux is doing the art for Zatanna.

  9. @skeets:  Who is Stephane Roux?  And when does Zatanna start?

  10. google image search. He does a lot of covers. they haven’t solicited it yet, but I think I’ve heard April is the target.

  11. bleh, boring main story, awesome Manhunter story.

  12. I think this was probably my favorite sog story to date.  I’m not sure why I was so fond of this book, but it really clicked with me this time.

  13. I thought this was great, both art & story. My only small beef is that it ended really suddenly … but apart from that, 5/5 for me. Loved it.

  14. Its been a good week for Man-Bat fans.

  15. I thought the main story stepped up significantly this issue, though I think it sends a bad message that Huntress needed Batman to clean up her mess in the end. However, the Manhunter back-up was really, really good this issue. So excited for the ramifications. Plus – Kate dating Dick? Awesome! 4/5

  16. I read this right after last week God awful Batman and thank heaven I did, becuase this was just classic awesome Batman, that reminded me of some of the great pre-murderer/ fugitive stories from the rucka/ brubaker, Grayson era.

  17. Book was great! It wa a nice little two issue series and the manhunter back story continues to be stellar!

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