In part 3 of the 5-part sequel to “Heart of Hush,” Tommy Elliot’s masquerade as Bruce Wayne backfires when he’s shot and taken prisoner by vengeful gangster Judson Pierce. With Pierce determined to exterminate the last survivor of the Wayne family, it looks like the wounded Hush will finally pay the ultimate price for his deception.

Meanwhile, in the RAGMAN second feature, things in the Robbinsville section of Gotham City heat up as yet another mysterious suicide is discovered – and Ragman prepares for Firefly’s return!

Written by PAUL DINI
Co-feature written by FABIAN NICIEZA
Co-feature art by SZMON KUDRANSKI

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  1. Still my fave Batman book right now, Dini’s best book I think too.

  2. Definitely overlooked. It’s a shame this book gets lost in the cyclone of Morrison. It’s been reliably consistent as long as Dini is writing

  3. Loooooooooooooove this book!!!

  4. The series is ending in March after looking at DC Solclits today. 


  5. story really picked up last issue

  6. I’ll miss Streets but I’ll still have plenty of other Bat-books to keep my hand/eye coodination busy, won’t I?  The solicits were always wrong anyway…

  7. So glad Dini continued to play upon the ironic Bedbug villain, felt so classic a Batman thing to do, and DNugyen’s work continues to please, but that second feature, ugh painful!

  8. One of the best (of my) picks, but waay too short! This story should have been full length from the start. I’m not going to read the Ragman ‘second feature’ until the end, so it really wasn’t worth the cover price. This side of the Batman story should have been more front and center with everything else that was going on in the Bat-verse.

  9. First time that I can remember the second feature being longer than the main story.

  10. The Ragman story is awesome, on both writing & art 5/5.

    The “main” story (even though it’s shorter) was pretty weak. Kind of a non-story with some SUPER-rushed Nguyen art.  3/5

    I’m guessing the art’s half-assed because he’s drawing Batgirl too now. Quality over quantity is always better. 

  11. Ten. Fucking. Pages. You’re kidding me.

  12. Ragman is a great story. 

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